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Year 6 Spring

We have got off to a very busy start this Spring term in Year 6! We are reading and writing about some of Oscar Wilde's famous books in English and exploring measurements, ratio, algebra and  much more in Maths. In Science, we are deepening our knowledge of electrical circuits and in Geography we are using OS maps to explore our local area before we put our new skills to the test when we are away at Min-y-Don. Preparations for our trip are almost complete so we are all looking forward to a great adventure together.
We linked our DT topic with our World War 2 topic by designing war-time cakes using rationed ingredients. This involved decision making as we thought about which ingredients would have been available during the war and how we could design a recipe using these whilst also considering the healthy eating plate. We tasted a variety of cake samples to consider taste, texture and flavour before deciding to make carrot and courgette cupcakes. The children practised lots of different DT and mathematical skills such as measuring, mixing, folding, beating, timing etc to create their delicious cakes! 
The children have enjoyed studying OS maps of our local area and capital city in Geography lessons, using the symbols to identify human and physical features. We will practise our mapping skills when we go on our residential trip to Min-y-Don.
Ratio can be a tricky area of maths so we used cubes to build ratio towers to help us with our understanding.