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School Money

School Money Instructions for Parents

Parents at Thingwall Primary School can now make payments online for school dinners, school trips, fundraising events, production tickets and any other payments they might make to school, using our online payment facility School Money. The easy to follow steps are below. If you have any problems, please contact the school office and a member of the admin. team we will be very happy to help.

Points to note:

  • If you have more than one child you will have been sent a password for each child.
  • Please use each child’s own password to make payments for trips, tickets etc. However, you can make payments and pre-orders for school meals for more than one child in any of your children’s accounts, as sibling accounts for meals are linked.

 · If your child receives a Universal Free School Meal i.e. Red Class, Year 1 and Year 2, you will need to complete the pre-ordering system. You will not be charged by school money for these meals.

  • If your child receives a Free School Meal you will need to complete the pre-ordering system. You will not be charged by school money for these meals.
  • If your child is having a packed lunch brought from home we would really appreciate it if you could still complete the pre-ordering system, by selecting the packed lunch option.
  • You can pre-order up to midnight the day before the meal is to be eaten or you can pre-order for a number of future days/weeks up to a full half term.
  • You only need to pre-order your child’s main meal for each day. Your child will be able to choose their pudding on the day.
  • If you change your mind, you can change your choice up to midnight the day before the meal is being eaten, or you can contact the school office up to 09:30am on the day the meal is being eaten.

 Login Instructions

- Enter your mobile number, email address and the password you have been sent. The mobile number and email address that you enter at login must match that on our system.

- If you are unsure whether we have your correct details or your details change please contact the school office.

On the next screen enter your child’s first name and click on confirm.

To pre-order and pay for school dinners:

  • On the right hand side of the screen, click in the ‘Select’ box alongside ‘Child’s name - Dinner Top Up’

(Please note you MUST click in the ‘Select’ box, not just highlight the line. You may need to use the scroll bar at the bottom to move along to tick the ‘select’ box. If you are using an iPad or tablet you may need to physically move the screen with your finger to see the ‘select’ box.)

  • If you have more than one child in the school you will have all the names of your children here, when you have completed the choices for one child you can move on siblings so that you can select and pay for their dinner choices too.

 · You will now be presented with a small screen “Select Dinner Week”.

  • Use the drop down arrow to select the relevant week you would like to book and click ok.


You will now be able to choose what your child would like to eat on each day you are booking for by clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting the required meal choice for that day.

  • Once all the days have been selected click ok. If your child is having a packed lunch, please select this option, this will update our dinner register so we know which children will be having a packed lunch each day.
  • Add another week by repeating this process if required.
  • Click ‘OK’ 


  • When you have completed all choices click on ‘Make Payment’ and enter payment information.
  • You should receive acknowledgment of your payment and a receipt will be emailed to you.



  • To check what you have booked, log out, log back in and check ‘History’ on the right hand side to see what you have booked.

To pay for trips:

  • Login as above into your child's account. If you have more than one child you will need to log in to the child’s account the trip relates to.
  • The trip will be displayed on the left hand side in the payments due box, click the ‘Select’ box alongside the relevant trip.

 · Click ‘Make Payment’ and enter you payment details.