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School Council

Our School Council 2019-2020


At Thingwall Primary School our School Councillors are voted in by their classmates. They remain on the council for one year. In each class we try to have one boy and one girl to represent our views.

We have  School Council meetings to take suggestions and try to give solutions to issues or problems relating to school life. We meet up as a whole group when we need to discuss something important.  Our highlight so far this year has been visiting Wallasey Town Hall to collect our Plastic Free School Status Award-September 2019.


The School Council – Our Aims


To make sure that ideas and suggestions are listened to and acted upon
To represent our school when new pupils or visitors arrive
To work as a team to help make improvements
To be role models and set a good example
To make all the children aware of our Golden Rules
To be an important link  between adults and children
To make pupils feel happy and safe at school
Be reliable and good listeners