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Thingwall Eco-Warriors

At Thingwall Primary School our Eco-Warriors are voted in by their classmates. They remain in the post for one year. In each class we try to have one boy or girl to represent our views.

We have  Eco-Warriors Meetings  to take suggestions and try to give solutions to issues or problems relating to school life. We try to meet up as a whole group when we need to discuss something important.  This year we are working towards our Green Flag Eco-Schools status.  So far we have been working with Terracycle to recycle old biscuit wrappers, biros and pump dispensers and we have decided not to order any more water cups. The whole school received reusable water bottles from Jaguar Landrover in 2019 and we visited the place of work to find out more.

Eco- Warriors- Aims

To provide rules to help each class, and the whole school to be eco-friendly

To be responsible for animals in the school

To ensure the school is a safe place for children, animals and adults

To design and support eco-friendly projects within school and the local community