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Physical Education

 Physical Education Curriculum Intent

The intent of our physical education curriculum is to ensure that all pupils during their time at Thingwall Primary school will be involved in the following:

  •          Develop physical education by providing students with sustained periods of activity through well sequenced PE sessions and additional intra-school and inter-school competitions taking place throughout the year.
  •          Physical activity is also encouraged throughout the school day via active learning to encourage a positive lifelong attitude towards the positive benefits of an active lifestyle.
  •          Extra-curricular clubs before and after school. Additional lunch time activity sessions are provided to ensure active lifestyles are promoted and developed. Active play is also encouraged at break times through play leaders and the wide range of outdoor equipment available.
  •          Becoming physically confident in a way that supports health and fitness.
  •          Understand the relationship between physical education, health and mental well-being.
  •          Compete in sport, during half termly intra-school competitions, in ways that develop fairness and respect.
  •          Evaluating their own performance and the performances of their peers using age appropriate vocabulary.
  •          Developing confidence in swimming and know how to perform a safe rescue. 
  •          Opportunities through Wirral School Games, Federation and other inter-school competitions to excel and succeed in a range of competitive sports and fun events.
  •          Experiencing expert coaching from visiting coaches in a variety of sports.
  •          Experiencing a wide range of outdoor activities including specialist water sport and climbing activities.
  •          Opportunities to be involved in leading, organising, refereeing and coaching different sports.
  •          Whole school events including, Sports’ Day, Festivals, assemblies and themed weeks to encourage and celebrate positive attitudes to sport including role models.
  •          Celebrating success, participation, effort and respect through sports’ badges, certificates, cups, newsletters, assemblies and displays throughout school.


We teach a structured, high quality curriculum that promotes a physically active and healthy lifestyle. We teach lessons that embed core skills and we build on these throughout each key stage and year group. Our equipment provides opportunities to become physically active during break times, lunchtimes and before and after school which enhances their mental and physical health, reducing obesity. Our school provides before, during and after school clubs where children can learn new skills, fulfil a love of sports and keep physically active.


The impact of this is that our children will have experienced a range of sports, games and skills which will provide opportunities to discover interests and talents which may last a lifetime.  Our aim is that every child will have found a way to shine.