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Our Values

Thingwall Primary School Values Curriculum


At Thingwall Primary we all value democracy, following the rules, equality and respect for others.  All staff and pupils are aware of the fundamental British Values of…


  •          Mutual Respect
  •          Tolerance
  •          Democracy
  •          Rule of Law
  •          Individual Liberty


 …and we all understand how these are reflected in our everyday lives.  We all understand it is our responsibility to reflect these values through our actions, deeds and words.


At Thingwall Primary we all keep to the same 3 rules…

  •          Be Ready
  •          Be Safe
  •          Be Respectful


These 3 rules are underpinned by our 6 Rs which are qualities we promote throughout all aspects of school life.  Children, visitors and adults are encouraged to be…

  •          Resilient Learners
  •          Reflective Learners
  •          Resourceful Learners
  •          Reasoning Learners
  •          Respectful Learners
  •          Responsible Learners


In addition to the above rules and qualities, we strive to instil values and always encourage our children to ‘do the right thing’.  We operate a two yearly cycle of values which we share a monthly assemblies and endeavour to reinforce at every opportunity…





Year One                                                

Year Two


Friendship and Teamwork

Responsibility and Patience


Inclusion and Tolerance

Thankfulness and Appreciation


Respect and Co-operation

Bravery and Courage


Thoughtfulness and Gratitude

Community and Belonging


Positivity and Happiness

Hope and faith


Love and Kindness

Caring and Empathy


Commitment and Self-Control

Questioning and Reasoning


Peace and Humility

Determination and Perseverance


Resilience and Don’t Give Up!

Honesty and Trust


Independence and Freedom

Diversity and Individuality


Resourcefulness and Self-Belief

Reflection and Pride


These values are carefully selected to complement key points of the year such as transitions at the end of every year and establishing routines and relationships at the start of the year to make them more meaningful for our children and relevant to their everyday lives.  In addition, these values will also complement key calendar dates of the year such as Remembrance Sunday.


Thank you to all children, parents, Governors and staff who shared their thoughts on how Thingwall Primary School reflects British Values, especially the Year Three Class who performed the most wonderful Class Assembly based on British Values.  Please look at our British Values Floor Book or ask Year Three for more information.


 Thingwall Primary School SMSC Curriculum


Our SMSC Curriculum complements our Values Approach and staff and pupils are able to make pertinent links to the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural curriculum through specific lessons, specific subjects and also through our general ethos.  We value our place in our local, national and global communities.



Spiritual Development

At Thingwall we follow a multi-faith curriculum where children develop a growing awareness of other beliefs, religions, cultures and traditions. We develop this through:

-Themed weeks such as Multicultural Week, Faith Fortnight and Happy/Healthy Heart Week

-Visitors/ Guest speakers such as John Putman (Christianity) Eric Cohen (Judaism), Bobby Singh (Sikhism), Ms Suchdev (Hinduism) and Mrs Adass and Sheema (Islam)

-Mindfulness opportunities and time for reflection

-Awe and Wonder throughout the curriculum (such as marvelling at how unique snowflakes are in Maths, understanding we are all the same but different in PSHE, knowing that our World is fragile and dependant on us in Science/Geography for example) and through wider experiences such as theatre and gallery visits

-Educational visits to local places of worship such as mosques, local churches

-A programme of assemblies to promote spiritual development

-SACRE lead Religious Education curriculum which focusses on the Big Questions

-Cross curricular opportunities such as Christingle, Diwali

-Pen pal links (Norway, Isle of Man)

-Twinned School links such as Kisorora Primary School in the Gisora District of Uganda – exchanges about religious/cultural festivals such as Christmas and Kwanza

Twinned school links to ask about the Dissolution of the Monasteries and a comparison between Roman Catholicism and Church of England

-World Religion Studies

-Outstandingly Happy School under the Art of Brilliance project

Moral Development

At Thingwall we have a variety of charity links to help others less fortunate than ourselves locally, nationally and globally. Every year group is given £10 and challenged to raise as much as possible for our chosen charity through our enterprise curriculum. Through our charitable endeavours we have increased our awareness of others' needs and what we can do to change their futures for the better. 

Recent charity links

2019-2020 – Charles Thompson Mission for the Homeless of Wirral and DRIP Uganda

2018-2019– Charles Thompson Mission for the Homeless of Wirral and DRIP Uganda

2017-2018 – Toilet Twinning and the Birkenhead Development Trust

2016-2017 – Toilet Twinning, Forum Housing

2015-2016 Water Aid, NSPCC, The Ark

2014-2015 Water Aid, Clic Sargent 

2013-2014 Claire House, Building Together (Cambodia Grace House Orphanage)

2012-2013 Claire House, Building Together (Cambodia Grace House Orphanage)

2011-2012 Jelly Bean appeal, Building Together (Cambodia Grace House Orphanage), Shelter Box

-          Annually we support other charities including: Children in Need, Comic Relief, Jeans for Genes, Sport Relief, Fair Trade, Wear Blue for ASD, Macmillan coffee mornings, Muscular Dystrophy, Dravet UK, Poppy Appeal

-          In addition our comprehensive Values Curriculum develops positive character traits, attributes and behaviours to make us successful learners and prepare us for our future lives.

-          We celebrate positive behaviours through... Golden Tickets, Team Points, Behaviour Walls, Stars and Stickers, Head Teacher Awards, Good Citizen Assembly, Good Work Assembly, Midday Awards, Golden Time, Team Player of the Week/Season.

-          Contribution to the local community – whole school litter picks, carol singing at the GP surgery each year, displaying our recycled and upcycled artwork in the Williamson Gallery/Chester Cathedral/Blue Planet Aquarium

-          Links with other schools as part of the South Deeside Soft Federation of 6 schools

-          Links with the Deeside Cluster of 19 primary schools and one special education school, especially for our annual Coast 2 Country event

-          MEAS and other outside agencies such as Show Racism the Red Card

-          SALT support groups to promote reasoning, conflict resolution, right and wrong choices

-          Pay it Forward and Random Acts of Kindness

-          Person of Outstanding Character assemblies – P.O.O.C

-          School of Sanctuary Wirral status for the last 4 years

-          Refugee awareness sessions

-          Twinned with schools in Uganda, the Isle of Man and the British School of Rome

-          Cross-curricular links across history, English, Science, RE

-          Milk time in every class to debate topical issues e.g. isolation of patients on the Arrowe Park grounds due to the Corona Virus

-          Values curriculum

-          Structured Behaviour Curriculum using the rainbow and cloud system

-          Children sign up annually to the Full Stop to Bullying initiative and to the Rainbow Behaviour Commitment

Social Development

-          Our links with the Community are very strong and we have many links with local organisations, such as... Pensby Library, The Warrens Medical Centre, St Michaels' and All Angels Church, weekly religious visits, local MP visits, Supermarkets and local farms, High School Transitional Links, Pre-School Links, local Police.


-          Within school we also place a great emphasis on communities and social development through... Playground Managers, Buddies, Team Captains (democratically elected), School Council (democratically elected), Eco-Warriors (democratically elected), Monitors, Technical Whizz Kids to name just a few.


-          A member of the South Deeside Soft Federation of schools – inter-tournaments, intra-tournaments, sports and writing competitions, 11 by 11 Reading initiative, spelling and maths bees, road safety initiatives



-          MP and local Councillor visits


-          Visits to take part in Liverpool 2019 Year of the Environment debates at the Town Hall – children interviewed councillors in the council chambers


-          Visits to the Mayor’s Parlour


-          Surfers Against Sewage and Plastic Free School Status from the Surfers Against Sewage Group


-          Eco School Green Flag status


-          Coast 2 Country 2019 and 2020


-          Picture News Assemblies


-          Educate Awards – shortlisted for the Mental Health and Well-Being Award (along with our Federation) in 2019


-          11 trained staff in CACHE Level 3 Child and Young People’s Mental Health and two memebers of staff Mental health First Aid trained


-          Enterprise £10 challenge – we have raised thousands of pounds over the years for local charities


-          Local links with businesses such as Urenco, Timpson’s, Cereal Partners


-          Harvest Festivals, Easter Festivals and Christmas performances linked to helping those less well off than ourselves.


-          Toilet twinning – Spend a Penny initiative


-          Social events across the school calendar where home and school work together to fund raise and to improve the life chances of all Thingwall pupils


-          Triple P Club – Positive Pebble Painting!



Cultural Development

-          We are very proud of our Viking Links and our historical links with the past-our Thingwall Parliament/School Council/Lord Ragnar Awards links to Tynwald (Isle of Man) and Tingvoll (Norway). Strong Viking ethos – Lord Ragnar Good Work Certificates, links to Tynwald in the Isle of Man, Viking Parliament (Viking thing was a meeting point where the Vikings used to meet and it is located near to our school)

-          Uganda links

-          School Council

-          Eco-Warriors have risen to the challenge and been awarded the Green Flag status

-          European Day of Languages

-          Language learning from Year One (Mandarin and French)

-          MFL Clubs for Spanish and Italian

-          UK celebrations – St George’s, St David’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and St Andrew’s day

-          We have a great respect for events from the past...for example World War One remembrance focus and assembly.  Poppy painting.

-          ‘Being Thingwall’ Historical implications of having the status of Thingwall Primary School

The Art of Brilliance – Becoming Outstandingly Brilliant

We are extremely proud of our Outstandingly Happy Status from Andy Cope’s Art of Brilliance project, especially as we were one of the first two schools to receive this accolade along with our friends at Heswall Primary.  As such, we are committed to Andy’s 5 BIG THINGS and we try to weave these things into all aspects of school life…

We choose to be positive

We have a personal responsibility

We have bouncebackability

We understand the impact we can make on society and our lives



All of us live by our school's Mission Statement:

Thingwall Primary School - Teachers, Parents + Students - Together Promoting Success