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Year 3 Autumn

Welcome to Year 3!
Class Teacher: Miss Ainsworth
1:1 TA: Mrs Peel-Price
PPA- Mrs Mitchell (every Wednesday)
Intervention support: Mrs Smith
  • PE days are Monday and Thursday
  • Homework is given on Fridays and should be returned on Thursdays
  • Spelling tests are Thursdays
  • Times table tests are Fridays
We can't wait to share with you what we get up to in Year 3!
Monday 5th September
Our first day in Year 3!
We had so much fun seeing all of our friends and the teachers again.
We signed the FULL STOP TO BULLYING with our thumbprint, measured our height for our time capsules (I wonder how much you will grow in Year 3?) and read in the reading corner.
Thursday 15th September
Happy Dot Day!
All of Year 3 and the school looked fantastic with their dots! We understand how important it is to be creative and that everyone has creativity within them. 
European Day of Languages 26.9.22
Year 3 stepped into Italy today! We listened to Italian music, coloured an Italian flag, learned some Italian greetings and even did some Tarantella dancing. 
We also learned about the tragedy of Pompeii, South Italy in 79AD when Mount Versuvius erupted. We already knew some words such as magma,lava and pumice from science! 
We love learning new languages and learning about different cultures :
In PSHE we have been discussing how we would react in different situations and the choices we would make. We understand that all choices have consequences and that we can choose our own path. We have reminded ourselves why we have rules in school and what would have if we didn't...we even discussed our nightmare school! (We decided that no biscuit Tuesday would be pretty terrible!). Jigsaw Jino listened to our table discussions to make sure he agreed.
Trip to Shah Jalal Mosque
Year 3 and 4 had a great afternoon learning about the Islam religion, following on from our Religion and World Views lessons. We experienced a call to prayer and witnessed how Muslims pray. We then learned more about The Five Pillars of Islam, Ramadan, the clothes that Muslims wear and how Muslims prepare to pray.
Investigating rocks
Today year 3 tested whether rocks are permeable (do they absorb water?), durable(are they hard wearing?) and whether they are high density(sinks in water) or low density(floats in water). 
Recognition Board
Each class has a recognition board for children who are recognised for going ABOVE and BEYOND in their behaviour or work ethic. I would like these children to be remembered so I will share who was recognised each week,  including why! 
How talented are Year 3?!
Look at some of their achievements!
Feel free to bring in any special achievements you make outside of school! We would LOVE to see.
All about rocks!
Our first science topic is rocks. We loved reading 'The Street Beneath My Feet'. We put out scientist hats on today and investigated some properties of rocks. Some rocks are rough and bumpy like granite and some are smooth and light such as slate and chalk. 
We have been being doing GAMES in PE, focusing on hockey. We know how to hold a hockey stick correctly and have been practising dribbling, passing and even starting a hockey game! Thank you Ms Yardley for making PE so fun!
Pneumatic Monsters!!!!
In DT we made our very own pneumatic system. We now know this means something which is powered by air for example, when a bus door opens!
We investigated pneumatics, designed our own and had lots of fun creating it. Some of us were very out of breath from blowing our balloons up so much!
We then evaluated our designs. Some of us think that next time we should glue on the horns before we paint.
Super work Year 3.
Beatle mania!!
Year 3 looked great all dressed up! We had so much fun creating our guitars so we could use them in the dancathon!