Summer Holiday Smiles

Summer Holiday Smiles for Year 3
However, if it's a rainy day and you've nothing to do you can keep your brain active-
Read a book-
Log in to The Summer Reading Challenge
Log in to Bug Club.
Log in to Oxford Owl-
My class login
My class name-year3tps
My class password-thingwall3
Check your bookshelves at home for a book that you haven't read yet or re-read one that you love.
Keep your times tables speedy
Log in to TT Rockstars
Purple Mash for lots of multiplication and other maths games
Look back over the Year 3 pages
I have set lots and lots and lots of work over the Lockdown time. Have a look back over and see if there's anything that you'd like to do again or have missed.
BBC Bitesize Daily
Again lots of work has been set for you. Perhaps you could take a peek at the Year 4 work to see how you'd get on and prepare yourself for September.
Mrs Holroyd would be smiling from ear to ear if you can get your handwriting beautifully neat for September. Try to write little and often. We get so caught up in our ipads and laptops that we forget to write, so don't forget.
Colouring in neatly is great for your handwriting too!
Scroll down for the Year 3/4 list.
Hunt out your recorder and music book and see if you can remember the notes and the music!
Purple Mash
There is loads to do in Purple Mash which is just at the right level. Dip in and out whenever you feel like it.
The Weekly Activities down the right hand side of the Home Page have a really good mix of ideas for you to do.
Missing you all already. Have a FABULOUS Summer Holiday and I'll see you all "next door" in September when you'll be all grown up in Year 4!
Keep Smiling- Mrs Mitchell