Year 2

September 2020
A very warm welcome to the Year 2 children and your families.
So glad to see you all back at school. This year your class teacher is Mrs Goulding and Mrs Jones is your teaching assistant. Mrs Goulding is full time in school but not in class on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Mrs Jones works Monday to Thursday. Mrs Hartley is your mid-day supervisor every day. 
Notes for your diary:
  • P.E days - Tuesdays and Fridays (no kit -just pumps) 
  • Home Reading everyday (at least 10 minutes) 
  • Plastic Reading bags in every day ( reading books are chosen on a Monday and returned to school on a Friday for quarantine time. Additional reading can be accessed through Bug Club on our school website tool bar under 'Learning Zone' )
  • Homework- set on a Friday for the following Wednesday (Alternate weeks for paper version blue homework books/ online via Purple Mash, Bug Club and IDL spelling)
  • Biscuit day- Tuesday
  • Planned 'Show and Tell' presentations on a Tuesday and Friday.
  • Any queries please call school (0151 648 4885) or email schooloffice@thingwall, and Mrs Goulding will get back to you ASAP.
What have we been up to in class? 
Please enjoy taking a peek at the things we have been learning in school so far. You may want to ask your child questions to see what they have remembered. Fingers crossed they do!!
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We have been busy counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have spotted number patterns and discovered what a 'multiple' is. We have been busy building numbers with Numicon, coins, counters and Base 10 tens and ones to see how 'teens' and 'tens' are very different even though they sound similar. Remember -teens end in teen and tens end in -ty. Mrs Goulding would much rather eat 30 creme eggs than just 13!! 
We have been great spellers in maths too- spelling numbers in word form- watch out for the sneaky spelling in four/ fourteen/forty. Did you spot it? 
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We are busy coding in computers this half term. We have learned what an 'algorithm' is and how it is important to do step by step simple instructions for a program to work. Click on the activities in Purple Mash under 2Code to practise your coding skills.
Day of European Languages and Culture
Year 2 have learned about Denmark. We read stories by Hans Christian Anderson, looked at globes, maps and atlases. We know it is the home of LEGO and that it makes delicious Danish pastries. Yum! 
Religious Education
This term we have been learning about stories, celebrations, culture and beliefs of Hindu people. Hinduism originated from India. We have used our geography skills to locate India on the Asian continent. We have leaned about 'ahimsa'- Hindus care for all living things. The cow is sacred to them. We have made clay cows to make a cow parade. 
We have looked at food groups and tried to think of a healthy lunch box. Year 2 children were so good at suggesting healthy snacks and nibbles.  We discussed that a healthy lunch box can be food from all or some of the food groups, just as long as it is not too much of any one group. This is a balanced diet. Too many carrots and we might turn orange! Too much sugar and we might become gummy? Too many grapes and we may have tummy pains! 
Working on our Three times table now.
Remember 'x' means lots of or groups of.
Don't muddle it with '+' which is add or count on.
Practise your 3 x table using the song clips below.
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As part of our school Happiness Project we started the term eating bananas and remembered important points to make us feel good- 
" If your day is going wrong.... remember you are like a bunch of bananas!" 
  • Bananas smile at us when you hold both ends up
  • Bananas come in helping hands
  • Bananas are sweet- everyone likes them
  • Bananas are full of energy
  • Bananas are healthy
  • Bananas grow in a bunch... they stick together
  • Bananas are a happy yellow colour- they cheer us up
We have looked at photographs of our younger selves and compared them with today in Year 2. Look how we have changed. what may have stayed the same? 
We have read stories by Shirley Hughes that describe what babies, toddlers, children and adults can and can't do as we develop. 
What can you do now that you couldn't when you were a baby? What can't mums, dads and grandparents do now that they could do many years ago???? 
Year 2 are a class of kindness. We strive to be on the Heart of Kindness Wall for having:-
  • Kind Hands
  • Kind Words
  • Kind Deeds
  • Kind Thoughts 
Did you know that Year 2 are Bucket Fillers too?
Watch the clip to learn how to be a Bucket Filler too.
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English- Grammar
a noun- an object, a place or a person 
A proper noun needs a capital letter such as Thingwall. Mrs Evans, India.)
a verb- an action word
For example, run, leap, devour, saunter. sneeze, snore)
an adjective- a word that describes something
An expanded noun phrase is a phrase that stretches the noun with adjective such as ' the mean, crooked witch, kind, sweet girl.  
an adverb- a word that describes the verb (usually ends in -ly)
For example- walked briskly, skipped happily, carefully sliced...
Physical Education
We are making the most of the dry weather to do our P.E outside with Mr Roberts from Premiere Sports.
We have been finding spaces, moving safely, dodging and changing direction for our fundamental skills in P.E.
Do you live on the Wirral? Did you know that we live on a 'peninsula'- a piece of land with water on three sides.  Can you remember what the three sides are water are called along our Wirral coastline? 
What Wirral landmarks can you remember? Watch the video to remind you.
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We have listed SYNONYMS of verbs in class to find out other ways of meaning a similar thing to make our writing interesting such as said/ whispered/shouted/yelled.
We have used synonyms to describe what we can do on the Wirral.
Would you rather....?
Would you rather devour an ice-cream at Parkgate or lick and ice -cream?
Would you rather sprint through Birkenhead Park or meander along its paths?
Would you rather explore Thor's Rock or scale the side of it?
Would you rather paddle at West Kirby or..... what do you think?