Summer Holiday Activity Ideas

Summer Holiday Ideas for Year 5
Have a safe, happy and restful time with your family and friends over the Summer holidays.
However, it might be a good idea to keep things 'ticking over' to keep your brain active, or if it's a rainy day and you've nothing to do. Here are some ideas:
Read a book-
Log in to The Summer Reading Challenge
Log in to Bug Club.
Check your bookshelves at home for a book that you haven't read yet or re-read one that you love.
Keep your times tables speedy
Log in to TT Rockstars.
Revisit the TTRockstars sheets that we sent home in the pack of work (if you still have them!)
Purple Mash has lots of multiplication and other maths games.
Revisit work - Look back over the Year 5 pages
Lots and lots and lots of work has been set by myself and Mr. Galpin over the Lockdown time. Have a look back and see if there's anything that you'd like to do again or have missed or found tricky and could do with revisiting it.
You could start a diary so that you keep up with your writing and presentation skills. You don't need to write in it every day necessarily, but you could record when something interesting has happened or you have visited someone or been somewhere. You could also illustrate these diary entries. Try to write little and often. It's very easy to get caught up in your ipads and laptops that you forget to write, so don't forget! Colouring in neatly is great for your handwriting too (and it's very relaxing)!
Revisit and revise the list of spellings at the front of your spelling books - where I have been taking the spellings for the last 4 weeks. These words will be revised again in Year 6.
Continue completing lessons using IDL.
Or visit this website
Scroll down to page 18 - Spellings for Year 5 and 6 - or page 23 for the Year 5/6 spellings list.
Purple Mash
There is loads to do in Purple Mash which is just at the right level. Dip in and out whenever you feel like it.
So, there we have it! The next time we meet you will be the oldest (and wisest???) children at Thingwall Primary. Wow! Have a fantastic Summer Holiday and I'll see you all in September.
Take care and stay safe - and of course keep smiling.  
Mrs Holroyd