Below, you will find an overview of your child's learning journey over a year, complete with the small steps of learning they will be making in each Math's topic in each of the school terms. You can use these documents to track your child's learning, support their learning at home and better understand how we organise our Math's curriculum at Thingwall.  
Below, you will find the school's Calculation Policy. Within the policy, you will find the different strategies pupils will use for all four of the mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and how these strategies progress throughout the year groups.  
Investigate a range of online resources to support your child at home. The following links provide opportunities for your child to practise the skills they have learnt in school, watch videos to support their understanding and play games that help them to consolidate learning.  
Below are several 'Parent Booklets' that can be used with your child at home. The booklets are separated into Autumn, Spring and Summer Term and are numbered according to children's year groups. An effective way to use the booklets would be to consolidate what your child has been learning in school, perhaps going through a booklet with your child after the area has been taught and supporting them with any areas they are less sure of. Alternatively, they could be used to pre-teach/go over an area before it is taught to help with your child's confidence when starting a new area or concept of Maths. Either way, I hope these booklets will be helpful in providing parents with an overview of what, how and when areas of Maths are taught across the school and provide you with a resource to should you wish to support your child at home.  
Year 1: Autumn Term Parent Booklets
Year 1: Spring Term Parent Booklets
Year 1: Summer Term Parent Booklets
For Year 2 to Year 6 booklets please see separate pages