May Home School Learning

Friday 17th July - The Last Day of Term!
Well Year 6, this your last day of term, your last day in Year 6 and your last day at Thingwall Primary School.
You will certainly never forget this year! Two different teachers and a pandemic to contend with! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and your parents for all the support you have given me this year. It was a pleasure to teach you. 
I know that you will all be stars in your new schools and will always do your very best. Your resilience has been tested this year and you have all done so well. Keep this up at your new school and in whatever you chose to do in the future. 
Very sorry I am not there to say 'Goodbye' in person, but I'll be sending you a virtual 'Goodbye' Have a great last day.
Stay safe and keep smiling.
Miss Hine
Well done Year 6! You have finally finished your very strange Year 6-I'm talking about the pandemic not being taught by myself and Miss Hine!
During my time with you, I've got to know you all well and its been a pleasure to teach you all. I've enjoyed seeing you all mature over the year, and I've been really pleased with the effort you've put into your work. I will miss the laughter in the classroom, the smiling helpers, the children dedicated to being the best they can be, the singing around the school, the footballers, the professional artists and the horse riders.
Most of all, I will miss spending time finding out about you and what you are doing in your spare time. Enjoy your time at secondary school and make sure you say hello if you see me walking my crazy dog around Thingwall!! Have a fabulous time, I know you will all do brilliantly!! 
All the best, 
Mr Bettridge 
Thursday 16th July
Hello Year 6,
Well only two days left before the end of term and the end of your time at Thingwall Primary School!
I hope you enjoyed creating your poster and spending some time reflecting on your time at Thingwall.
You will all be missed by Mr Bettridge, Miss Hine and all the staff at Thingwall. We know that you will be good ambassadors for Thingwall Priamary and that you'll all really enjoy your new life at secondary school.
Today's Learning:
Maths: White Rose Lesson Four
English: Read either the poem 'The Lion and Albert' or 'Matilda Who Told Dreadful Lies' and create a storyboard representing the story. Use the following links to find the poems. 
Enjoy your second to last day at primary school. Make it a good one.
Miss Hine


Wednesday 15th July
Hi Everyone,
I hope you have all had an amazing Tuesday.
Did you enjoy giving advice to your pre-pandemic self? I think probably one thing we have all come to realise is how important friends and family are and how much we miss seeing them. I wonder what we all would have done without technology? It would have been a very different experience.
Today's Learning: 
Maths: White Rose Lesson 3
English: Produce a poster to advertise Thingwall Primary School. Think about your time at Thingwall. What would you say are the main reasons someone should send their child to our school? What have you enjoyed the most? It could be anything you like because this is your personal feelings and your one and only opportunity to play the role of the headteacher. 
Enjoy the rest of your day. We're all missing you and hope that you're still doing okay at home. Hopefully, I might get to see a few of you this afternoon. I'm going to be out by the Viking boat this afternoon! 
Have a great Wednesday.
Miss Hine
Tuesday 14th July
Hi Year 6,
Hope you all had a great Monday.
Can you believe that this is your last week at Primary school and here you are giving advice to the current Year 5? It seems no time at all since you first came to meet Mr Bettridge and myself this time last year. This time next year you'll be getting ready to go into Year 8!
Today's Learning:
Maths: White Rose Lesson 2
English: Write some advice for your past self. Imagine that you could speak to yourself before the pandemic had officially hit the country. What would you tell your past self? What advice would you give yourself? What might you stock up on? 
E.g. Hello, past self. This might appear a bit strange to hear from yourself, but take it from me you should listen really carefully. Over the next few days there are going to be a lot of changes....
French: Duolingo
Have fun for the rest of the day! Keep up the good work. 
Hope you all have a super Tuesday.
Miss Hine
Monday 13th July
Hi Year 6,
Well can you believe it's the last week of term? I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to get out and about. I managed to see my sister and to catch up on all her news face to face! I spoke to Mr and Mrs Bettridge which is always lovely, and heard all the news from school.
Your last week's work:
Maths: White Rose Lesson 1
English: Write a letter of advice for Year 5 pupils coming to Year 6. What would be your advice? What should they have with them for their first day? What might they work on over the summer holidays? What will they enjoy? Send these in and I'll read them out to the Year 5 children currently in school.
Have fun for the afternoon!! Try to get out for some exercise or watch your favourite film. 
I hope you enjoy your last week and keep up with work that is set for you.
Have a great week.
Miss Hine
Friday 10th July
Hi Year 6,
Well it's Friday again, which can only mean one thing and that is that is nearly the weekend! I hope you have all had a good week and that you have something good planned for the weekend.
Today's Learning:
Maths-Times Tables Assessment
English: Spelling Test
English: Read the poem 'Love Is' an edited version of a poem by Adrian Henri. Think about how the poet described his understanding of love through the language in the poem. Why do you think fish and chips can show or mean love? Now, rewrite the poem as 'Thingwall Is'. Create your own poem that shows how you feel about Thingwall Primary School and your friends. What does Thingwall mean to you? What do you think about when you think of Thingwall? It could be small things, smells, sounds, friendships, people....or something completely different. Have a go and send it in as I will be choosing the best version to go in our memory book. 
Enjoy a Friday afternoon having fun!
I hope you all enjoyed writing your plays and recreating the Wark Angel. Good luck with today's spelling and Times Tables test.
Have a great weekend.
Stay safe.
Miss Hine
Thursday 9th July
Morning Year 6,
Hope you had a great Wednesday.
Did you enjoy describing the main characters in your play? It is always a big help to have a clear picture in your head with regard to a character.
Did you enjoy learning a Brazilian son and dance?
Today's Learning:
Maths: Angles Lesson 4
English: Continue and finish off your playwriting-you will need to write two hundred words that show what it would mean to you to have your play presented on stage. 
Art:Today you’ll be finding out about Brazilian graffiti artist Wark Rocinha. His most famous design is The Angel. Why not have a go at recreating a Wark Angel after you’ve watched the video clip about his work?…/meet-the-angels-of-rio-s-favelas-an…
Spelling Practice-ready for tomorrow's test
Times Tables Rockstars-can you improve your speed on Rockstars Studio?
Let's hope today is a better day weatherwise.
Keep smiling!
Miss Hine
Wednesday 8th July
Hi Year 6,
Hope you have had a good day, despite the rain!
I hope you have enjoyed thinking about your Year 6 memories and deciding which are your favourite ones. It has certainly been a very different year for everyone. I can't wait to see your photographs of you today and your baby photographs. It is always good fun trying to work out who is who! It will great to have a class memory book,
Today's Learning:
Maths: White Rose Lesson 3-quadrilateral angles 
English: Carry on with your playwriting. Look at the main characters in your play and choose 30 words to describe each one in detail. You must tell the reader what they are like, what they wear, how they behave etc. 
French: Duolingo
Brazil theme: Learn a Brazilian dance and a song that they traditionally sing. Have a go at it if you like!


Carrying on working hard everyone and enjoying your work.

Have a great Wednesday.
Miss Hine
Year 6 
I am now asking for children at home to send in a current picture of themselves. The children in school will also have their photos taken and these will be used to produce a baby to current, before and after presentation for the children. If you could manage to get the pictures in as soon as possible, that would be great.  Many thanks for your support,
Mr Bettridge
Tuesday 7th July
Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a good Monday and are looking forward to an even better Tuesday!
The facts about Brazil are really interesting. I hope you're all enjoying finding out about this diverse South American country.  I wonder what your top ten facts will be?
Have fun writing your play. I wonder which themes you have chosen to use? A play needs a lot of careful planning.
Today's learning:
Maths: Angles in a Triangle
English: Continue with thinking about your play. Once you have chosen your theme and decided on a story plan, start adding some more detail to this. Then think of your main characters-maximum of four, and what they might be like. Use the website details to see what you need to do.
Memories Tasks: Now is time to start thinking about the memories you have of Year 6. I have provided a number of different sheets above to give you some ideas. We'll be putting together a class memory book for everyone that will use all of your ideas! Complete one or two of the booklets over the rest of this week and send in your ideas-they could be photographed and sent in or you could type some notes on Word and sent them in. 
Organisation Task: Read through the PPT and make decisions for the secondary school child. What would you do? Many of these questions are ones you will have to ask yourself once at secondary school so read them carefully and really think about them before answering. 
Have a good day.
Toodle pip!
Miss Hine
Monday 6th July
Hi year 6,
Hope you have all had a great weekend and have managed to do something exciting as the cafes, shops and restaurants begin to open again. The hairdressers are now open again which will please a lot of people!
I had a lovely weekend meeting up with my family and watching Liverpool beat Aston Villa in the football.
Not long to go until the end of term but you need to keep working hard and hopefully enjoy the tasks you have been set.
Here are today's tasks:
Maths: White Rose Maths Lesson 1: Angles
Follow the link above to a One Show competition that asks you to come up with your own idea for writing a play! It will require some careful thinking, creativity and imagination as well as some well written characters and reasons why you might want your play chosen by the judges. For today, I would like you to focus upon choosing a theme (e.g. love, hate, good vs bad, family) and thinking about where and when your play will take place. I'd like you to produce as many different ideas as you can on an A4 sheet before selecting your favourite. 
Spelling Practice
French: Duolingo
Brazil: This week and next we are learning more about South America and the countries in this area. We are beginning with information about Brazil as Miss Marshall, one of our teachers, will be visiting shortly. Read the facts about Brazil and other information-then select the top 10 facts and create a poster of your findings. 
Secondary School: Bus Timetables-I've attached a number of bus timetables for different secondary schools. check out the timetable of buses that serve your new school and work out when you will catch the bus and when you might get home!!
Have a good week.
Miss Hine
Friday 3rd July
Hi Everyone,
It's Friday which can only mean one thing! It's nearly the weekend! I hope you have all had a good week and have been working hard.
I am looking forward to catching up with my son this weekend. I may even treat myself to a takeaway on Saturday evening! I hope you have got something nice planned for the weekend. If not relax and chill and get ready for the week ahead.
Work for today is as follows:
Maths-Times Tables Test 
English: Spelling Test
English: Carry on with putting together your play for the theatre competition. Remember to keep checking against the criteria from the One Show website.
French: Duolingo
Afternoon: Golden Time (Take a break and start your weekend early!!)
Have a great weekend. Speak to you again next week.
keep smiling and stay safe.
Miss Hine
Thursday 2nd July
Hi Year 6,
Hope you are all keeping well and keeping busy.
Yesterday turned out better weather wise than was forecast. In fact it was a lovely day until later on when the rain came.
Remember to practise your spellings and to have a look at your times tables ready for the spelling test on Friday. Hope you have enjoyed thinking about writing a play. I wonder what theme you have chosen? It is good fun writing a play but you have a lot to think about. Enjoy!
Today's learning is as follows:
Maths: White Rose Lesson 4-Ratio and Proportion
English: Continue with putting together your play ideas. At this point you could begin to consider the opening of the play. Use the link from yesterday for more information on how you might do this and some of the things you might consider. Remember, you do not have to write the whole script, you just need to have an idea of what might happen in the play-although you need to use your own creativity for this, you might use your understanding of film, books and plays you've seen o help you with this. 
French: Duolingo
Spelling and Times Tables Practice-Times Tables Rockstars and Purple Mash Spelling activities

Just a reminder -Summer Reading Challenge - If may not have not have done this yet! We thought it might be a good idea to put the link on our class pages to encourage reading now and through the summer. You can join as a Home and there are links for online books. So why not get started now??

Have a good day and take care.
Miss Hine
Wednesday 1st July
Morning Everyone,
Hope you are all having a good week. It's Wednesday which means it's halfway through the week!
Have you been enjoying designing your zoo? Thinking about social distancing is definitely very topical and obviously at the moment very important. It would be good to see your finished designs.
Today's learning: 
Maths: White Rose Lesson 3-Ratio
English: Writing a Play (This will be an ongoing project)

 Read through all of the information regarding the competition and get the children started off with their ideas. Think of some ideas that might be built on using the information from the website. What theme will you choose? Is it in the future or past? What type of characters will you have? Perhaps watch some parts of different plays, or think back to a play you might have seen-Matilda, Romeo and Juliet, Shrek-what was the story structure. Choose your theme and make a mind map of ideas of what will happen in the play-use the prompts from the website to help children with coming up with ideas and ensure .you know your story structure really well.    

Art: Follow the directions to make a creative piece based upon instructions given and imagination:

French: Duolingo

Spelling Practice

Times Tables Practice: Use Times Tables Rockstars to prepare for your Friday test.  

Carry on working hard. Have a good day.
Miss Hine
Tuesday 30th June
Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a good  Monday. I can't believe the temperature has dropped so much. It was decidedly chilly yesterday.
I hope you have all read the note from Mr Bettridge regarding the song. I know he is trying to resolve the technical issues.
How did you get on designing your Zoo? There are lots of factors to consider when you are designing a space that the public will be visiting aren't there? It makes you think about your own visits to places and how they are set out. I hope you enjoyed the activity.
Today's learning is as follows:
Maths-Lesson 2 Ratio
English: BBC Bitesize-please follow the link for more information on writing a speech:
Chester Zoo-Continue with your zoo design. Now, your task is to design something that the zoo could use to ensure that members of the public stay 2m socially distanced whilst walking around the park. Your design should be fun and engaging but also clear to visitors. Where would you place them? How could they be used to help the zoo build more charitable donations?
Spelling Practice-see week 36 (this is a mixture of previous spellings for you to try out)
Have a good Tuesday.
Miss Hine
Dear Year 6 parents,
Whilst trying to put together our Year 6 song, I have  unfortunately come across a few technical difficulties in putting it together, so for now just hang fire with sending anything in until I decide upon a best format. 
Many thanks, 
Mr Bettridge
Monday 29th June
Hi Year 6,
I hope you all had a great weekend despite the rain! I had to take my sun umbrella down yesterday as it was about to get blown away!
I took part in our family quiz over the weekend. Although it's good to see and to chat with everyone I must admit I'm not enjoying the quiz part quite as much as I did at the beginning of lock down!
The start of another week and not long now before the end of term. I hope you're all trying hard to complete the tasks that are set and still enjoying the work.
Maths: White Rose Maths Lesson 1-The Ratio Symbol
English: BBC Bitesize National Writing Day Challenge-follow this link for the details of your task:
French: Duolingo
Chester Zoo-Design your own zoo-provide additional details by following the extension activities shown on the Chester Zoo materials. 
Have a good week everyone.
Keep smiling..
Miss Hine
Friday 26th June
Hi Year 6,
I hope you have not melted over the last few days! It has been so hot! I believe thunder storms are forecast for today so it should be a bit cooler.
I hope you have all had a good week and that you are ready for the weekend.
Good luck with your spelling and times table test today. I hope you all remembered to learn you spellings and to keep going over your times tables.
Here's today's learning:
Spelling and Times Tables Test
English: Complete your report for your mysterious monster
French: Duolingo
Science Fun-optional. For this experiment you will need cooking oil (sunflower or vegetable) water and some food colouring. Put a small amount (about an inch) of oil into a cup, mix in some food colourings (3 or 4 colours is best-but if you haven't that many you could still do it with just one). Mix the oil and colouring. In another clear cup/glass (be careful and make sure your adult is fine with using a glass), fill 3/4 with water. Now for the fun part-tip the oil mixture into the water and watch the fireworks. Can you find out the reason why this happens? 
Have a great weekend and look forward to speaking to you on Monday.
Take care and have fun!
Miss Hine
Thursday 25th June
Good Morning Year 6,
Hope you are all well and have been keeping busy. It was certainly as very hot day yesterday and looks set for another one today. Make sure to use sun cream and to wear a hat if you go outside.
I hope you have watched the information on road safety. It is important to be aware of dangers on the roads, particularly as the road become more busy after lock down.
Today's learning:
Maths-White Rose Lesson 4-Volume of Cuboids
English-Carry on with your information text about your monster-use the topic sentence examples and the example text for the 'Swamp Monster' to help you. 
Snack Time-Mars Patel
French: Duolingo
Geography: Use the following username and password to access some digital mapping software. Use the search engine at the top left to search for Thingwall (CH61 7UG). This will bring up a map of the area. Once you have this, your task is to place a marker on the school, add a label with its name and draw a line from Thingwall to your house that shows how far away you live. Play around with the different icons to see what they do. Can you find a way of doing it? Can you find help online?


login: CH617UG (no gaps)

Password: jerged3166

Have a good day.
Stay safe.
Miss Hine
Wednesday 24th June
Hi Year 6,
Hope everyone had a good day yesterday and managed to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine. Make the most of it though as the forecast says it's going to change on Friday, just in time for the weekend!! You can't always trust the weather forecast though!
Nearly half way through the week. I hope you've been preparing your lines for the 'Memories' song and getting ready to record them for Mr Bettridge.
Today's Learning is as follows:
Maths: White Rose-Finding the Area of a Parallelogram
English: Monster booklet-complete activities that ask you to make notes on your monster's description, diet, habitat etc. Make sure you use specific terminology to make yourself seem like the expert. You can also start thinking about the use of topic sentences for starting each of your paragraphs and showing your reader what each section is going to be about.
Snack Time: Mars Patel
French: Duolingo
Science Fun-If you have the ingredients, create a shallow dish of milk, drop in a couple of drops of food colouring. Then dip a cotton bud or something similar into some washing up liquid before dipping this into the food colouring (in the milk). Observe what happens and research why. Have fun! 
Have a good Wednesday.
Take care.
Miss Hine
Tuesday 23rd June
Hi Year 6,
Hope you all had a good Monday. It looks like the weather is improving over the next few days and is going to be hot and sunny again!
I hope you have enjoyed the work from today and have been trying your hardest when completing it. The more effort you put in to something the better the reward, so keep trying your hardest.
Hope all the football fans are enjoying having the football back on the television, though the Derby proved to be a bit on the boring side!
Here's your learning for today:
Maths: White Rose Lesson 2: Area of a triangle
English: Monsters Booklet-Look at activity 4 through to 6-start thinking about your monster and the different characteristics, diet, habitats it has.
Snack Time: Mars Patel
French: Duolingo
Spelling Practice
Art: Foil Art (This one requires a few resources so is optional) The following resources will be needed: a piece of cardboard (any size), foil, glue (PVA in a squeezy bottle), pencil, glue stick. Follow the instructions provided on the following link and send in your effort.
 Keep working hard.
Miss Hine
Monday 22nd  June
Hi Year 6.
I hope you had a great weekend and you managed to do some outdoor activities. I did some gardening which I always enjoy and watched  some football.It was strange looking at an empty stadium and must have been even more strange for the players!
I caught up with Mr Bettridge and he was telling me how good it was to see you all again and how hard you'd been working with himself and Miss Marshall.
Hope you all were pleased with your scores in the spelling and times tables test on Friday.
Here is today's planning: 
Maths: White Rose Lesson 1 Area and Perimeter
English: Monsters Activity 1 to 3 (find out about the structure of an information text)
Snack Time: Mars Patel 
French: Duolingo-go back to basics and recap on basic vocabulary
Spelling practice: Week 35
Science Fun: If you have a sandwich bag at home, fill it full of water and hold it over the sink or a bucket. Turn the bag upside down to check that the water doesn't spill out. Now for the fun big! Get yourself some pencils and start poking them through the bag-all the way through. What do you think will happen? What actually happens? Why is this? Search online for an answer. 
Have a good week everyone.
Keep smiling.
Miss Hine
Friday 19th June
Hi Everyone,
Friday again and nearly the weekend. Hope you have all got something good planned for the weekend.  I must admit I'm really looking forward to the Derby! It'll be great to watch some football again. I'm sure some of you will be looking forward to it too, though I'm not sure what it'll be like in an empty stadium!
Hope you have all had a great week. For some of you it will have been your first full week in school and for others a week of working at home in the rain!
Today's learning is as follows: 
Maths: Times Tables Rockstars-complete some studio work for your times tables.
Complete your Times Tables test provided above this message.
Spelling Test: See the spelling test above this message.
English: I would like you to read through the infomrtion about 'Flutag', then design your own version, complete with labels.
National Book Tokens competition-complete a book tokens competition template and send in a picture of your design (try to make it a similar size to that shown on the sheet) into the  school office. I will be entering the best ones and will ask your parent/s for permission if you are successful! See the following link for more details of prizes:
French: Duolingo (10 minutes)
Good luck with your spelling test and your times tables test!
Have a great weekend. Relax, enjoy and stay safe.
Miss Hine
Thursday 18th June
Hi Year 6,
Hope you had a good day yesterday. The weather wasn't too bad at all. It makes everyone feel so much better when the sun is shining!
Hope you enjoyed recording your poems. I can't wait to hear them. It's good to read your own poem aloud because you know how you want it to sound and how to get the meaning across.
Here is your work for today:
Maths: White Rose Maths Lesson 4-km to miles
English: 'City of Silence' booklet-have a go at writing your own description for your setting and perhaps have a go at drawing what the setting would like
Snack Time: Mars Patel-listen to the next episode
French-Duolingo-carry on learning the basics and going over these to consolidate your learning of different vocabulary. 
Art: Try a fun optical illusion:
Don't forget to have a look at week 34 spelling ready for the spelling test tomorrow.
Have good day. Keep working hard .
Take care.
Miss Hine
Wednesday 17th June
Hi Year 6,
Hope you have all had a good day yesterday and managed to get some exercise and some fresh air. I could hear the rumbling of thunder all afternoon but we didn't have a storm. Well we haven't had a storm as yet!
I hope you all enjoyed the work yesterday. I bet you enjoyed building your marble runs! It would be good to see some photos of them, perhaps you could email them via the school office.
It is important to try to keep up with your home schooling as otherwise you will forget some things and it will make it much more difficult for you next year. Please try and do some each day. Who knows you may even enjoy it!!
Here's today's learning:
Maths: White Rose Maths Lesson 3
Snack Time: Listen to the next instalment of Mars Patel podcast
English: Read through your different versions of poems based upon the 'City of Silence'. Try reading your favourite with expression, perhaps change the strength/volume of your voice for different parts or even change your voice to show a change in atmosphere. When ready, perform your poem to a family member or record it on a phone and send it into school. They'll be recording some of the poems in school too, so you might hear some of theirs by tomorrow!
French: Duolingo
Art: Origami crane-follow the video carefully and see if you can create your own version of a crane.
Keep safe and keep smiling.
Miss Hine
Tuesday 16th June
Hi Everyone,
I know some people returned to school yesterday and I hope you had a good day. For those of you who didn't at least the weather was better than forecast, so I hope you managed to get outdoors as well as complete your work.
Thank you Maggie for letting me see your Sound Collector poem I really enjoyed reading it. It really made me imagine the scenes you set. Poetry has a way of capturing our imaginations in a way that a text doesn't. 
Today's tasks are as follows:
Maths: Lesson 2 White Rose 
English: I would like you to take the poetry you completed yesterday and add some verbs to make it even more descriptive. Here's an example:
I wandered into the sea of ambition and found a minute tower of compassion...
French: duolingo
Spelling practice-Look for any words within words for this week's spellings-E.g. Liam can be found in parliament.
Marble Run: for some DT fun perhaps you could have a go at making a home made marble run. You can make it with a creeal box and follow the simple instructions provided-of course, if you wanted to make your marble run larger by using tubing, feel free!! 
Keep working hard everyone . Enjoy today's tasks.
Keep smiling.
Miss Hine
Monday 15th June
Hello Year 6,
Hope you all had a great weekend. What did you think of the thunder storm on Saturday evening? It was quite spectacular wasn't it? I hope it didn't frighten too many of your pets. My cat, Kevin, stayed out in it the whole time and didn't seem bothered! Unless he was secretly hiding somewhere!!
Good luck to all the year 6's who have chosen to return to school today. Have a great day. To those of you working from home, have a great too and work hard.
Today's learning is as follows:
Maths: White Rose 2 step equations 
Snack Time: Listen to the Mars Patel podcast. 
English: Continue with 'City of Silence' activities. Have a go at extending your use of vocabulary, changing words for different ones and try some with juxtaposition (opposites). Can you write a version using just juxtaposition? Try it out and see what you think. 
Smash, Boom Best:

Zombies vs Werewolves-which one do you think is cooler? Listen to the podcast, learn some new facts and history and then make your decision. Do you agree with the guests?


Continue to keep your basics going. Try out a story, they're good fun and will help you to see how French is used in real life contexts.

National Book Tokens

Have a go at creating a book token for 'National Book Tokens'. Use the template provided above this message and get more information from the above link. 

Dive Detectives

Have some fun swimming around with sea creatures and learn a bit about how they are being conserved, their habitats and the dangers that they face. Click on the links until you get to start your dive-use the goggles to see underwater! Can you find any of the endangered species?


Have fun, 


Mr Bettridge


Take care.
Miss Hine
Wednesday 10th June
Hi Year 6,
I hope you all had a good day yesterday despite the cloudy weather. Let's hope it's not too long before the warm sunny weather returns.
I hope you've all been working hard and managing to read lots of books. For me one of the best things about lock down has been reading  books that I don't normally get time to read.
Today's learning is as follows:
Maths: White Rose Maths Lesson 3: Substitution
English: The Sound Collector-read through the resources provided and create your own 'sound' poem in the style of Roger Mcgough. 
Geography: Mountain tourism-read through the Powerpoint slides on Mountain Tourism, do some research into both the benefits and negatives of tourism and complete the worksheets that shows positives and negatives.
Spelling Practice-sorry the spellings have only gone on today as I forgot at the beginning of the week. If you could take a look at them over the next couple of days, that will be great. Perhaps stick them on the fridge at home or compete against a parent!!
French: duolingo-spend 10-15 minutes completing basic skills (remember to keep revisiting these to ensure they are not forgotten-it is extremely important that you know the basics really well before moving on)
Snack Time: Try out this podcast story-The Mysterious Disappearance of Mars Patel- Scroll down to 'Listen' and start at Episode 1. 
Keep up the good work.
Stay safe and stay smiling.
Miss Hine
Monday 8th June
Hi Year 6,
I hope you have all had a good weekend. It must be very disappointing for you not to be able to return to school on Monday, but it is more important that everyone stays safe. I hope it will not be too long before you can return safely.
I hope you all enjoyed my recording of last week's spelling and times tables test!
Keep working hard. I have been very impressed with the work you have produced so far. Well done!
Keep smiling!
Miss Hine
Hi Year 6 ,
It's Friday again! I hope you've had a good week and have enjoyed the work Mr Bettridge has set for you.
I have recorded the spelling and times table test for you this week. I hope you get them all correct. Don't forget to let Mr Bettridge know your scores.
Good luck to all those of you who are returning to school next week and have a good week to those of you who aren't . Keep working hard!
Miss Hine
 Hi Year 6,
Hope everyone is well.
I enjoyed reading Jacob and Tom's poems. Well done the two of you they were really thoughtful.
Keep working hard everyone. Mr Bettridge has prepared some really exciting tasks for today.
Keep safe.
Miss Hine
Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a good day yesterday. I'm looking for ward to reading your work and to see your art work. How did you get on with the origami elephants?
Keep working hard.
Miss Hine
Hi Year 6,
Hope you've all had a wonderful holiday. The weather has been so good. I hope you managed to get lots of exercise and to spend some time relaxing too!
I have been going on many walks and been working in my garden. I love this weather.
I have spoken to Mr Bettridge and I know he has been very active over the holiday too.
Your last half term in Year 6! Can you believe it? Keep working hard and trying your best.
Take care
Miss Hine
Spelling Test audio Week 29
Times Tables Test audio
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Monday 29th June
Hi Year 6,
Hope you all had a great weekend despite the weather! Hope nobody got too wet! At least this week it will be a little cooler which is so much better for working in.
I have taken part in yet another family quiz this weekend. It is nice to see and chat with everyone but I have to say I'm coming to the end of my enthusiasm for the actual quiz part. Though I have to say there have been a few funny moments!
Well it's Monday again and the start of yet another week. not many to go before the end of term! I hope, if you're working from home. you're still trying hard to keep up with the tasks and enjoying completing the work.
Have a good week everyone.
Keep smiling.
Miss Hine
Tuesday 2nd June
Hello Year 6,
Great weather we've been having. I hope you have been able to make the most of the sunshine.
I know some of you have returned to school and I hope you and Mr Bettridge had a good day. I know everyone has been working hard completing the task that Mr Bettridge has prepared for you . I hope you're enjoying the work, it looks very interesting to me.
Keep smiling.
Miss Hine
Week 37 Spelling List: Mixed List
Wow! What amazing poetry from Jacob and Tom. Great effort boys. 
Maggie's lockdown poem:
See below for 'The Dangers of Everest vs Snowdon'
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