Year 6

Hello and welcome to the Year 6 Summer Term!
We will be posting lots of our exciting learning on this page so please keep checking in to see what your child has been up to.
Mrs Sanders
We are so excited for everyone to see our performance this afternoon. Check out our behind the scenes pictures!
We really enjoyed Viking Day 2021! We looked at Viking settlements on the VR headsets and learned about Viking life. We made Viking Gods out of clay and even had a chance to make a metal Viking sword. 
We have been looking at natural disasters and today we tried to make structures strong enough to withstand an Earthquake. It was very difficult with just spaghetti and marshmallows but we had a lot of fun.
Year six had a fun and active session with the military school education. There were lots of races to compete in which brought out our competitive streaks. 
We have finished our fairground rides and are very proud of all our hard work. Everyone built either a Ferris wheel or a carousel and they all worked! Well done Year Six, they are brilliant!
We have been acting today in the sunshine.  Using our book The London Eye, we acted out a police investigation scene, we enjoyed being the police detective and suspicious relatives. Where has Salim gone? Who is responsible for his disappearance?
Food, glorious food!! Wow! We have really enjoyed cooking our own lunch today with the amazing Fun Food Chef. We learnt all about food hygiene and made all by ourselves Jerk Chicken and Mango Lassi! It tasted delicious and was a great treat. 
Go Team Thingwall! The children had a fantastic afternoon competing in the Wirral football tournament. We scored two amazing goals and worked really well together as a team. We are so proud of you children. Well done!!!
We enjoyed our sports afternoon with Mr Roberts.
We are really seeing our fairground rides come into fruition now. We have shown great persistence with them as they did not work straight away and we have had to take a step back and look at why they were not working. Luckily we are now motoring on and getting ready to decorate them this week. Watch this space for the finish product. 
Year six have been experimenting with circuits today in preparation for making their own fairground rides. We have now made our plans ready to start building. We have asked the children to bring in items from home such as cardboard boxes, egg cartons and cardboard tubes etc ready for next Thursday.