Year 5

Burwardsley 2021 
We had an absolutely brilliant day at Burwardsley. We had a really informative talk in the morning and learnt all about the weapons used in the Stone Age. We were even given the opportunity to try some of them out!
We were so impressed with the Roundhouse and enjoyed trying to make our own versions, although it was quite a messy job. 
During our time at Burwardsley, we were able to take part in an archeological dig. We couldn't believe some of the things we were able to find or how careful we had to be in uncovering them.
Time for a quick pit stop and a chance to explore the adventure playground and make our own friendship bracelets.
After lunch we were able to go for a walk and explore the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Although don't be fooled, the walk wasn't so leisurely and more of a tough intense hike!
To finish off such a fabulous day, we made our very own clay pots which we were fortunate enough to take home with us. Thank you having us Burwardsley we have all had the best day and made special memories that will last a life time. 
Viking Day June 2021
Year 5 really enjoyed our whole school Viking Day. Lots of us dressed up as Vikings and brought accessories with us. We were so excited to use the VR headsets to experience scenes from life in Viking Britain. We learned how to write Viking runes and made our own Viking Rune Stones using clay. In the afternoon we became blacksmiths and shaped metal straight from the forge. It was an amazing day and we learned so much! 
In science, Year 5 are studying Forces. and have looked at the effect of friction. We have been learning about friction by investigating which materials created the most friction.  
Year 5 looking very festive in their Christmas hats!
Today we carried out a class investigation on the effects of air resistance on different size parachutes. Great work Year 5!
We used counters today to explore squared numbers.
Welcome to the Year 5 class page 2020-2021!
It is so good to have you all back in school after so long. You have made a fantastic start to the year and I've been so impressed with the way you have adapted to the new rules and routines. You have been fantastically kind to each other and have really taken on board our class rules of Ready, Respectful, Safe.
I'm sure that we are going to have a brilliant year.
Keep checking this page to see what we've been up to.
Miss Arden
Acts of kindness make this tree bloom. There have been so many acts of kindness already, I wonder what the tree will look like by the end of the year.
Bridges June 2021
As part of our Design Technology project we have been learning about bridges and how engineers strengthen them. We looked at the use of trusses and how the triangle shape is the strongest. This is because the pressure is evenly distributed through the three sides. Over the next few weeks we will be designing and making our own bridges. We will keep you updated here! 
Year 5 have embraced our class rules of Ready, Respectful, Safe.
This half term in science we are learning all about Space. Year 5 have been finding out some amazing facts using different sources such as non-fiction books, internet searches and the VR program Titans of Sapce. 
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