Year 4

Welcome to Year 4
Welcome to Year 4 children and their families - we are really looking forward to working with you this year.
Mrs. Holroyd is your class teacher and Mrs. Marsland is your teaching assistant who works in the class for 4 mornings and 2 afternoons a week. We are also lucky enough to have a Schools Direct student, Miss Phillips, working with us until July. 
Other useful information. 
Miss Yardley teaches the class every Wednesday morning, and Music lessons are taught by Miss Laird on Monday mornings.
PE takes place on Fridays and, for this half term, on Mondays as well, so please make sure you have your pumps in school on those days.
Homework and reading books are sent home on Mondays and need to be returned to school by Friday in order to quarantine over the weekend. Homework will either be paper-based or online.
Spellings tests will take place on Wednesdays and timetables tests on Friday mornings. Learning a little each day might make this task more manageable.
This weeks spellings list - Week 5.
Monday 5th October
We had our first ukulele music lesson today with Miss Laird. We each had our own ukulele and learnt to strum a chord using the notes G, C, E and A. We had so much fun. Just look at the concentration on our faces. And we sounded fantastic! Can't wait until next week's lesson.
European Day of Languages (25.9.20)
Along with the rest of the school, Year 4 celebrated European Day of Languages on Friday 25th September. As a class, we looked at Greece and found out where it is located in Europe. We discovered that there are lots and lots of little islands in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the mainland. We used the Greek alphabet to create and decorate our names. We also coloured our own Greek flag. Unfortunately, finances didn't allow us to take a day trip to Greece!! 
Investigating electrical circuits - Science Lesson
We had fun making our bulbs light up!
PE lesson - Invasion games activities.
We had a very active PE lesson with Mr. Roberts on the field. Our teacher said our skills and strategies for tagging and avoiding being tagged have really improved since last week. We worked really well in our teams, supporting and encouraging each other.
We watched a wonderful film called The Promise, which ignited conversations about how we might create better nature connections in our daily lives. 
At the beginning of the film, there was no colour or birds nesting in the trees or creatures. The people didn't socialise with each other and it made us feel sad, gloomy, worried and confused. But when the seeds started to grow people made more friends, they were happier and became kinder. Our emotions changed as well - we felt happy and excited.