Year 3 Term 3

Welcome Back for our final term in Year 3.
Let's make it the BEST one ever!
Our recorder lessons are up and running now. Just a reminder that they are each Wednesday at 12pm so don't forget your recorder and Recorder from the Beginning Book 1 each week.
Fun with Food on Thursday with the Fun Food Chef! 8.7 21
Design a Rock Picture? Okay, Let's do it! 7.7.21
Wednesday 11th June 2021
A reply from Elizabeth 11
When we wrote to The Queen, Elizabeth 11, we didn't really expect an answer but today we got one. We had felt sad for her when the Duke of Edinburgh died and sent letters to let her know that we were thinking of her. How KIND of her to reply. 
Assault Course and Archery     26.5.21
We have had a GREAT session you can see from the pictures.
We are ALL Black Belts in KINDNESS Beginning April-July
Paul Field is helping us to be,
1. Kind to ourselves
2. Kind to our future selves
3. Kind to others in our circle and beyond
Myth story telling and writing  w/b 26th April
We have need enjoying the myths of Pandora's Box and Daedalus and Icarus so much that we decided to write our own myth. We needed a God, a setting, a monster to cause problems, a solution and an ending. We told our stories to our friends first before we wrote our plans.
Could we design and build a building that could withstand an earthquake? 6.7.21
We studied videos of the Fa-bo building, the Mori Tower and the Skytree in Japan to see how they coped in an earthquake. We built ours and then shook the table to see if they collapsed. NONE OF THEM COLLAPSED. Super Y3 DESIGN and BUILDERS!
Tuesday 10th June
Thinking about plants, Dads, Grandads and Princes today!
Year 3 can tell you about the functions of different parts of a plant. They planted a Bizzie Lizzie for their Dads and Grandads for Father's Day next Sunday too. We also received a reply from the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, to say Thank You fro thinking of him when the Duke of Edinburgh died earlier this year.
KINDNESS  25.5.21
We have learned about the seven gifts of kindness from Paul Field today.
1. Be KIND to yourself
2. Be KIND to your future self
3.Be KIND to people in your circle
4. Be KIND as part of a group
5. Be KIND to strangers
6. Be KIND and not expect a reward
7. Be KIND to the unkind
Crazy weather class photograph! 5.5.21
Year 3 experienced EVERY kind of weather when we went outside for our class photograph! Sun, wind, rain, hail and even thunder and lightning!!!
Here we are, safely back in the hall for an indoor photo instead!
Dragon Song 29th April
We have been learning the Dragon Song. Today we added in recorder and tuned percussion parts to play in the chorus. We had to take care of dynamics and tempo.
Amasing  23.4.21
We took part with 400 other bubbles in a Zoom sing. We sung Let's Build and Sustainability. We even had dance moves too!