Year 3 Term 2

End of Term Class Disco Time! 25.3.21
There is no better way than having fun with your friends. Loud music, party games, sweets and laughter. A FANTASTIC way to end this very unusual Lockdown Term with EVERYBODY TOGETHER!
The next day we ALL got a Doodle Book to help with our wellbeing. We let our worries/thoughts travel from our heads, down our arm, into our pencil and then out onto the page where they won't worry us anymore.
EASTER TIME and the Easter bunny has been too!
Monday 8th March 2021
Hurray. We are all back in school together and we have a brand new book to celebrate!
The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd.
YEAR 3 TEAM  2021
Year 3, some of us may be in school and some of may be at home BUT we are still an AMAZING TEAM.
World Book Day  4.3.21
Here we all are, at home or in school celebrating wonderful books. We are able to talk about our favourite books, authors and illustrators. Mrs Mitchell came dressed as a dragon, This is a BIG CLUE as to the book we will be having each on Monday!
Our first ever recorder lesson!  24.2.21
We had a Live recorder lesson with the children at home today. We learned how to read and play the notes of B and A!
Happy Half Term and Valentine's Day 
We would like to wish you all a Happy Half Term. We have made heart wreaths to give to someone we care about, just to let them know we are thinking of them.
Science- Investigating Reflection  8.2.21
Fun with torches today. We had an investigation to do today to see which material was the most reflective. We then chose this material to design a safety bag that could be seen in the dark.
Observational Art   1.2 21
In our observational  art lesson today we saw, amongst other things-2 robins, 1 magpie, 1 wood pigeon and a shy blackbird all very interested in our bird feeder hanging outside the classroom. "I'd like to see a woodpecker!" cried one boy. And guess what? A woodpecker flew into the tree!
Science-Light. What's in the bag? 12.1.21
We have begun our LIGHT topic in Science. We know that darkness is the absence of light and we have looked at some light sources today too. Mrs Mitchell made us some dark feely bags and we had to guess what was inside the bags without light helping us to see.
Happy New Year to all Year 3 children and their families. Wishing you and looking forward to a happy, safe and exciting 2021. 
By the way Year 2021 a multiple of 3? Can you remember our little Maths trick to work out this problem?
Hello to everyone working from home too.
Art in Reflection Day Daffodil Study -March 2021.
We have cut up photographs of daffodils from our school grounds and then colour matched and extended the photograph using chalk and oil pastels. Some can be found in the KS2 corridor on the Creative Wall.
We've also been busy planning, designing, making and evaluating frames. 
Science Week -March 2021
Walking Water Investigation.
Primary colours into Secondary colours. See for yourself!
And something special for all our lovely Mums!
Dance and Drama using the Anglo Saxons as inspiration 10.3.21
Fantastic shapes, facial expressions and movement today. See how focused we all are.
The Sutton Hoo Sword 3.3.21
After our research with Sue Brunning at the British Museum we decided to make our own sword and treasure. Look carefully at the patterns and how detailed we have been.
The Sutton Hoo Helmet-11.2.21
We met up with Sue Brunning from the British Museum in London and she told us all about the helmet that was found at Sutton Hoo. We really liked learning about how they made it and decorated the eyes in particular! Ask Year 3 to tell you all about the garnets and Odin!
Anglo-Saxon Artefacts-   3.2.21
Today children in school and at home raised questions, just like an archaeologist would about five very different artefacts. What can you remember about each one?
Bird Watch 29th-31st January
This weekend you can take part in RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. Mrs Smith helped us put fat into a bowl and then mixed in some bird seed. We rolled all this mixture onto a pine cone ready for us to hang outside in our garden. We are hoping to see blue tits, great tits, long tailed tits, sparrows, robins, wood peckers, wood pigeons, golden finches, blackbirds or magpies. 
#Wirralwave   22.1.21
We have all made our #Wirralwaves to put  in our windows at home.
I wonder how many we will see?
The notes E and D on a glockenspiel and a xylophone   7.1.21
Today we got all the tuned percussion out and followed music to play along using the notes E and D. Mrs Mitchell said we read the music really well and played together as a class band. 
Apologies but this will need to happen at a later date now.
***Recorder Lessons  beginning 12th January 2021***
Mrs Mitchell will be beginning recorder lessons in her Year 3 bubble classroom on the 12th January at 12pm. If you want to join her during lunchtime you will need-
  • A DESCANT recorder
  • The book Recorder From The Beginning Book 1 (Not Tune Book 1!) by John Pitts. It is £3.99 on Amazon at the moment. If you had an older brother or sister who learned the recorder then please use their book. I'm sure they won't mind! 
Learning an instrument and reading music is a wonderful thing BUT you have to be prepared to give up your lunchtime and practise each week.