Year 3 Classpage

Welcome to Year 3
Enjoy looking around this page to find out a little bit of what we have been up to!
Mrs Mitchell is your class teacher and Mrs Smith is your Teaching Assistant for part of the week. You will spot Mrs Chisholm around our classroom too! We are all looking forward to the exciting year ahead and getting to know you all really well.
World Book Day 2020
Year 3 were REALLY excited this morning to receive a reply to their letter from Queen Elizabeth 11. She has replied in response to our British Values Assembly. The letter can be seen outside our classroom so come and have a read.
Group Poetry inspired by Bug Chant by Tony Mitton  13.2.20
Fabulous group writing by Year 3 today. Great rhyming couplets, rhythm and verbs to describe the movement of the snakes in their poem. Watch out for the SNAKES!
Growth Mindset Week 10th-14th February 
Year 3 have been adding to their THANK YOU jar all week. We have been saying thank you to people who have been kind to us.
We have also created a Bright as the Sun display to celebrate everything that we are confident about. Pop into our classroom to have a look!
Run or Walk a Mile!  10.2.20
It takes a lot more than Storm Ciara to put off Years 2, 3 and 4.
An amazing effort by EVERYONE. Don't forget to bring in your sponsor money now!
A Super,Amazing Class Assembly 30.1.20
British Values-Democracy, Rule Of Law, Individual Liberty,Mutual Respect and Tolerance
We are all very proud of Year 3 today as your assembly was BRILLIANT.You all spoke clearly and loudly. You sung beautifully. You danced and moved in time with everybody else. You played your musical instruments like professionals. You taught everybody in the hall a little bit more about British Values and what they mean to us.
Using our Historical Observational Skills-23.1.20
When you know absolutely nothing about an artefact you have to look REALLY closely to find all the clues. Here are some things we thought-
  • It was a helmet of some sort
  • It was made from two different types of metal
  • It looked to have red jewels, possibly rubies around the eyes
  • There were lots of overlapping and under lapping patterns like we saw when we were learning about the Celts
  • We think it may have belonged to a very important person, even a King!
Myths and Legends to start the New Year 6.1.20
We read Pandora's Box to get us in the mood for Ancient Myths. We began to create our own myths by orally reciting our stories to our friends using characters of Greek Gods and Monsters. We have been planning using an adjective, pronoun and verb, for example, Angry Zeus plotting. We are now describing our myth settings and will begin to plan our stories in more detail.  Mrs Mitchell can't wait to read them!
Christmas Time 18/19/20th December
LOTS of exciting things have been happening. Parties, Breakfast with Santa and a visit to the cinema. We LOVE Christmas and all it has to offer.
Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Smith and Mrs Chisholm would like to wish us and all our family a Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2020. We would also like to express how overwhelmed we were with your kind Christmassy thoughts, cards and presents at the end of this term. We are a very lucky team. Thank you.
Election Time-Year 3 goes to the Ballot Box  13.12.19
Year 3 have been voting. They have been voting on which Christmas Carol they would really like to sing at the Warren's Medical Centre next week. Our School Councillors checked the names off their list. The Eco Warriors gave out the Ballot Slip and the Ethos Representatives looked after the Ballot Box. We learned that it important to VOTE even if you think you won't have a majority to win. 
Pneumatic Monsters  29.11.19
Monsters powered by air!
We have researched, designed, created and evaluated our pneumatic monsters. Which one is your favourite? Why?
Children in Need  15.11.19
It's been all about Pudsey today and thinking about children in and around Great Britain. 
Our sewing begins! 12.11.19
Today we began our sewing Christmas samplers. We will be using running and cross stitch in a variety of colours to create our Christmas designs. But shhhhhh...we can't tell you any more as they are a surprise!
Our Penpal letters have arrived! 7.11.19
We were really excited today to receive our first replies from our penpals from Arbory Primary School in the Isle of Man. They are in Year 4. Their teacher, Mrs Wood, sent a photograph of the whole class. We have been trying to work out who are penpals are!
Special Japanese Buildings  24.10.19
We have been learning how the buildings in Japan have to be extra strong so that they don't collapse during earthquakes. Some buildings use poles to support the walls. Some use oil to act like a shock absorber and others are just made with special materials that can stand the strong vibrations. We have used some of these ideas when we have designed our own buildings and towers.
African Drumming-16.10.19
Ask Year 3 all about the djembe drum and they will tell you what it is made of and where the sound comes out. They will be able to tell you how to change the tempo, dynamics and the pitch. 
Celtic Art 3.10 19
Today in our sketch books we were studying the over and under lapping patterns that the Celts used in the designs. It was really hard to get the lines to look like they were going over or under. We coloured in wax crayons and gave our patterns a water colour wash of paint. If we had left a thick layer of wax then the paint would run off easily.
B O N J O U R !  26.9.19
Things we have done today...
Greeted each other in French.
Tasted brioche and pain au chocolat
Sung a welcome song in French
Made a game-Allez Les Lescargos where we needed to talk in French numbers and colours.
"This was the BEST DAY EVER!" 
"Can we do this day EVERY day?"
Our Mental Health 17.9.19
Here we all our thinking about our own mental health. We have thought of 10 ways-
1.Eat sensibly, move around and get a good night's sleep.
2. Socialise. Have fun with your friends and family.
3. Positivity. Try to think happy thoughts.
4. Be grateful and say thank you.
5. Use your strengths.
6. Be kind. 
7.Get organised. Don't rely on others to organise you.
8. Work/play balance.
9. Be your own friend. If you like you than others will like you too!
10. Ask for help if you need it and be a good listener.
Homework-begun 9th September
Homework is now up and running. I try to get each week's homework to you each Monday. It's really important that you stick to the homework date deadlines. These dates are written in your Homework Books. Remember that your homework should be completed in pencil and be as neat as possible.Always try your very best!
Hello Year 3.
Please click on the Daily Home Learning Page from 23rd March each day-not in the school holidays because you all need a break, to see what activities you can do.
I really hope you are all happy and safe and I hope to see you all soon.
Breaking The Rules Day  13 3 20
Year 3 have had fun breaking the rules today! For example, we have worn nail polish, dressed as a rock star, sports person or princess, had crazy hair and drunk juice instead of water. We have even brought in a cuddly toy to join in with our lessons! Mrs Mitchell says they have been very well behaved!
Liverpool Class Visit  5.3.20
What an amazing, well behaved class I have!
Super listeners today  at the Maritime Museum and the Liverpool Philharmonic. We learned all about the port of Liverpool and what life would have been like on a pirate ship with Captain Donna. We sang our hearts out singing and signing The People of Tomorrow and listened and watched a world class orchestra play.
Thank you to ALL our helpers for making this trip run so smoothly.
Hotseating in English 25.2.20
As part of our enjoyment of the book Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley we have been trying to understand the actions of the bully in the story, Elvis. Hotseating has made us think about what questions we would ask him to find out more about how he behaves and thinks.
3D Valentine;s Day Card 14.2.20
Look at our wonderful 3D cards! Lots of planning, making and evaluating went on. Which is your favourite and why?
Freddie Fit  12,2,20
We love our visits from Freddie Fit. He reminds us how to stay fit and healthy. He's really funny too!
Safer Internet Day  11.2.20
Today we reminded ourselves to stay SMART on the internet.
S-Stay safe
M-Don't arrange to meet up
A-Don't accept files, invitations or texts you are unsure of
R-Make sure that the emails or texts are reliable
T-TELL SOMEONE if you feel worried
We have promised to tell our friends and family to stay safe too.
Sutton Hoo Treasure!  5.2.20
We have looked at the many amazing items found at the Sutton Hoo burial site. So we thought we'd have a go at making some of our own-helmets, purses, money, shoulder clasps, buckles, ships, swords, shields, buttons and drinking horns can be found!
Preparing for our Class Assembly 28.1.20
A little rehearsal today in our class assembly clothes. We are trying hard to show  incredible dance movements, loud voices, playing in an orchestra and just being an AMAZING TEAM. Tomorrow is our dress rehearsal
One World. One Chance. Song writing-22.1.20
Year 3 have been busy today writing song lyrics for a brand new song. It's so new, it hasn;t even been written yet!
Science Topic-Light-8.1.20
Darkness is the absence of light and to prove this Mrs Mitchell had made some feely bags for us to feel what objects we thought were in the bags. Some were easier to guess than others but we soon realised how important light and being able to see is. Our senses of touch and hearing had to take over.
In the bags were an umbrella,  hat, nut cracker, cat hoover, calculator, tealight,toy monkey, wooden cat and a Lego man!
Happy New Year 1.1.20
Wishing all our Year 3 children, their friends and family a fabulous 2020.
Singing Christmas Carols and Songs at The Warrens Medical Centre    17.12.19
Year 3 joined with Y5 to sing carols and songs for the patients and staff at The Warrens in Thingwall. Everybody said how beautifully we sang and how well behaved we were. It made them feel "Christmassy"
The ROMANS have been!   4.12.19
When we came into class today we had 11 Roman artefacts left by the Romans to investigate. We became archaeologists and looked for clues about Roman life. 
Times Tables Rockstar's Time   22.11.19
This morning we have been working hard at our times tables. We all logged in and had an ipad each. We have been working at our multiplication and division this half term.  Some of us were in competition to race other children to the answer and some of us were trying hard at our speed to answer a question.
World Science Day 8.11.19
Rainbow Walking Water Investigation
We investigated water travelling, like in a plant where water travels from the roots to the rest of the plant, by using colour to show how and where it travels.
We used primary colours and when they mixed we ended up with secondary colours. Wonderful!
Eggboxes needed! (Half term polite reminder)
Don't forget to collect empty eggboxes for our Design Technology project after half term.
The eggboxes should be able to hold 6 eggs and be made of cardboard, not plastic. Thank you so much for your support.
Stevie Wonder 
Celebrating Black History Month 24.10.19
It was great learning all about the talented musician, performer and songwriter Stevie Wonder. He has been blind since he was a baby but can play the drums, harmonica and keyboard/piano. We listened to Happy Birthday, amongst other songs..which was great as two of us were celebrating our eighth birthdays today!
Musical Composition  17.10.19
We composed our own tune around the chords of G, Eminor and Aminor today. We played our tune on a glockenspiel or a xylophone. Untuned percussion such as tambourines and maracas were used to keep a steady beat whilst Mrs Mitchell played the chords on her guitar.  We think we sounded GREAT.
World Mental Health Day 10.10.19
Attitude For Gratitude
How can you turn a bad day into something better? Think of all the things you are thankful for. Year 3 have been saying THANK YOU for all the things that make our lives better. 
Our first recorder lesson     3.10.19
Here we all are enjoying our FIRST EVER recorder lesson. Today we learned the notes B and A and how to read them on a musical stave. 
Recorders begin October 3rd at 12.30.
If you are interested in learning a musical instrument Mrs Mitchell will begin teaching a new group of recorders on a Thursday lunchtime, starting on the 3rd October.  You will need  descant recorder and the book Recorder From The Beginning by John Pitts (Not Tune Book 1)
I'll Take You To Mrs Cole by Nigel Gray and Michael Foreman
English Focus weeks beginning 23.9.19 and 30.9.19
Using this text we have been concentrating on adjectives and verbs to make our descriptive work more exciting. We have also been using  prepositions that show position to describe where things were in the "horror" that Mrs Cole could possibly have in her house and to describe the outside of her messy house.
Some examples-behind, in front of, above, next to, on, next to, around, off, underneath, inside and in the middle of.
Can you remember the reasons why you think the boy ran away to Mrs Cole's house?
Antarctica Movement-19.9.19
Inspired by learning all about Robert Falcon Scott and his adventure to the South Pole
We have been creating some movements for our Antarctica whole class dance. Look how hard we are concentrating to get our movements precisely with the music and our partners.