Year 3 Class Page

Welcome! Bonjour! Hello! Salut!
Thank you for visiting our Year 3 2021-2022 Class Page.
We are excited to share our class life with you!
Class Teacher-Mrs Mitchell
Teaching Assistants-Mrs Smith, Ms Gibson and Mrs Spark.
Ms Yardley helps us fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon.
We have PE on a Wednesday and Friday and it is great to see you in your House Team coloured T shirts! Red Romans. Yellow Saxons. Green Vikings and Blue Normans.
Homework-Homework is usually given each Monday. It will be a mixture of written homework one week and then online homework the next. Written homework is due in on or before the next Monday. Spelling Tests are on a Monday and Times Tables Tests are each Friday. Mrs Mitchell will be really happy if you try your very best each week. She can't ask for anything more.
Dip into this page every now and then to see a flavour of what we have been up to.
A New Day Song to remind us that each new day is filled with hopes and opportunities.
Gloria from our Christmas Song Performance. 
March of the Golden Guards-Tuned percussion and our own composition in the middle.
Party Time!
It was an afternoon of pass the parcel, hunt the candy canes outside, musical statues, musical chairs, find the hidden tapir and delicious party food. Lots of smiles and laughter.
Happy Christmas Year 3 stay safe with your lovely families!
Snuggle Up and READ! December 2021
There's nothing better than making a den in the dark with your friends, grabbing a torch and reading a SPECIAL BOOK! Year 3 LOVED this today!
Roman Gods-November 2021
We used three different sources to find out about Roman Gods today. We used a fact file, non-fiction books and the search engine Kiddle. Did you know that Saturn was the God of Jupiter? Or that Neptune was the God of the sea? Or that  the Romans prayed to Vesta to keep their homes safe?
Mathletics Week-8th-11th November
We are trying very hard at our times tables to see whether we can beat the other KS2 classes and Year 2 to get the highest score for our class. We got VERY excited at one point when we edged past Y6!
Glockenspiel Work - November
We were the first class to use the 30 new glockenspiels today. We had to concentrate really hard to use the two beaters correctly.
Stevie Wonder October 2021
As part of Black History month we have been enjoying the music of Stevie Wonder. He was born in 1950 and due to a problem with the incubator in his hospital he became blind. Mrs Mitchell told us that he was a child prodigy. This means he was a musical genius from a very early age. He had his first record produced when he was only 12 years old! WOW! We listened to Sir Duke, Isn't She Lovely, Happy Birthday and Faith from the movie Sing.
Celtic under and over lapping patterns with a colour wash October 2021
Geography-September 2021
Year 3 have travelled to Antarctica and South America so far this term. They can tell you all about how Antarctica is a frozen desert and how Robert Falcon Scott kept a diary of his brave and sad adventure to the South Pole. They know that there are 13 countries in South America and that the equator runs through Brazil. The River Amazon runs though Brazil as well.
It's all about ROCKS in our Science! September 2021
Observing the features of rocks. Deciding if the rocks are natural or manmade? Igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary?
Some photos were on the school Twitter too!
Amazing Christmas Sewing December 2021
Year 3 have made Mrs Mitchell extremely happy with their determination to design and work on, for MANY hours, their Christmas sewing samplers. They had to learn how to thread a needle, put a knot at the end, finish off a piece of thread, show running and cross stitch. Here are just a few examples of their finished pieces of work. Absolutely FABULOUS! They designed wrapping designs too and have kept them hidden ready to give to their families on Christmas Day.
Pnuematic Monsters December 2021
We have just finished our pneumatic monsters.We hope that they will be very well behaved when we take them home tonight! We had great fun making them, especially the pneumatic system. I painted mine green and added googly eyes , one big and one little. My balloon was red to make it stand out from the green body.(TE)
Japanese Building Study November 
After learning about how the Mori Tower, Fa bo Building and Skytree Tower were built to sustain earthquakes we decided to have a go at designing and building our own. See how some of our buildings have a wide base. Some of them have strong supports that hold them to the ground and others tower above getting smaller as they go higher.
The Baby Birds  November
After listening to The Baby Birds, a traditional Muslim story it made us really think about how to care for our world.  Mrs Mitchell then played What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and it made us think again about what makes a wonderful world. What makes your world WONDERFUL!
TeachRex October 2021
We were visited today by JAM, a tyrannosaurus rex! He was quite terrifying but if you got close enough and tickled him under his chin he quite liked it! From the pictures, you can see how brave some of us were! In the afternoon. TeachRex showed us how to become stars in our own green screen movie too!  Later on, Mrs Mitchell told us about the geologist, Mary Anning and how her discoveries of fossils influenced the scientists at the time.
Our first ever recorder lesson 28.9.21
Mrs Mitchell was impressed with our listening skills today at our first recorder lesson. we listened carefully to her and everybody else too. We learned to read and play the notes of B and A today. We can't wait for next week!
Year 3 Recorders begin on Tuesday 28th September at 12.30
If you would like to take up this fabulous opportunity of learning a musical instrument then get yourself a descant recorder and "Recorder from the Beginning" Book One  by John Pitts and come along after your lunch!