Year 2 Class Page

Welcome to Year 2. It is so good to see you all back. You look so smart in your uniforms and have made a really good start to the year following our school rules to be:
safe, respectful and ready.
Keep visiting our class page to see what we have been up to. Can you spot yourselves? 
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Who is here to help you? 
P.E. days are every
Tuesday and Friday
Mr James from Premier Sport will come and teach us too on the Friday session. 
You all look amazing in your P.E kits in the colour of our school teams: Normans, Romans, Saxons, Viking.
We have been learning about our own talents and things that we might find difficult. After reading The Dot by Peter Reynolds,we learned that we can make our own mark in life.... we can all be imaginative  and express our ideas. We've made wonderful dot designs and learned what kind words people think about us. 
We have made really good attempts to place events in time.... EVEN BEFORE WE WERE BORN....... AND EVEN BEFORE MRS GOULDING WAS BORN!  Now that's a long time ago. We made time lines and used our school time line to see the dinosaurs. (That wasn't when Mrs Goulding was born). 
Shirley Hughes wrote Dogger. She is a children's author and illustrator AND she came from WEST KIRBY. We have been sketching in the style of Shirley and have practised mixing primary colours the make secondary colours to make water colour washes over her work. 
Design Technology (DT)
What are your favourite picture books? Did they have moving pictures to make the story come alive? Or perhaps a secret door? We have looked at flip and flap books and books with sliders to make things move.Then we made some of our own moving pictures using sliders made from card. 
Autumn 2
Literacy and DT
We have enjoyed listening to stories by Helen Cooper who wrte Pumpkin Soup and Delicious.
We made or pumpkin soup and wrote instructions using imperative verbs and adverbs, 
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We have been busy making two digit numbers by adding and subtrcating them- finding the best ways to calculate totals in our head or when we are working out on paper. 
How do you add and subtract numbers? 
 Y2 had great fun on our Victorian Day in school. We have been busy learning what it was like for children in the Victorian times and finding out how difficult it was on a laundry day. We even had time to make our own soap as we learnet about William Hesketh Lever.... and no mangled fingers in the mangle! 
Year 2 trip to Port Sunlight and Birkenhead Park
 We started our  day at Port Sunlight learning about William Hesketh Lever and his hobbies. He loved the Victorian artist William Morris who was inspired by nature to decorate things in his house. We went out into the village and found inspiration at The Dell.
We sketched and spotted different patterns on acrhitecture that made things beutiful. We made our own copper embossed plates in the style of William Morris before moving to Birkenheda Park.
Hannah the Ranger knew we had been learning about microhabitas so we went on a bug hunt first, being careful not to harm the creatures, We meandered through the park and looked at the park design by Joseph Paxton and how he brought the outside world to this park- the first public park in Britain. 
How many words can you make from the letters in christingle? We have been busy learning about th importance of light in different religions and customs - the Hindu diva lamps and the Christian Christingles. 
Light is so important to us all- to keep us safe, to give us warning, to give us warmth, to give us celebrations and to make things grow. 
What are your favourite lights? 
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Merry Christmas
everyone .
Stay safe
and we will see
you next year xx 
We are here to help you learn. We'll be following our school rules too.
Year 2 have been busy looking at the globe, atlases and world maps to spot the UK. We have looked at the British Isles and labelled a map of them with capital cities and the flags for each country. Which flags do you know? 
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After reading Dogger by Shirley Hughes, we have been learning about prepositions to describe where objects may be. Can you remember where they all had to look for Dogger using prepositions? Where was Dogger? We used our prepositions to describe objects around our classroom.
We have been listening to South African music. We have listened out for the pulse and heard the vocal line to check who is singing and how many are singing. We have practised the lyrics to HANDS FEET HEART by Joanna Mangona. What do you think so far? We are adding percussion next time. 
How lucky are we to have so many GREEN spaces around our school? We have been busy drawing maps and making a key to show our school. We have used our walk, aerial photographs and have used a floor plan to help us. We have used Google Earth to find other green spaces around our world . Have a look at home with an adult's permission to use the internet.
Where are the most green areas? Why do you think this is? 
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We have been studying the work of Edward Lear. He was known as a Victorian Trickster of nonsense poetry. We have loved reading  and writing about The Owl and the Pussy Cat. We have even recited the poem for you. What do you think? 
We have been listening carefully to rhythyms and have trised to keep a steady beat using percission instruments. We made it a little more tricky by singing at the same time. 
Watch out!
The dinosaurs are out!
We have had a fantastic day learning about dinosaurs then creating a green screen scene to escape the hungry T-Rex.
Mrs Smith came to visit with her pet tarantula, Curly. We learned about differnt microhabitats and how they have differnt conditions that creatures have to adapt to. We took a peep inside our school vavariums at the hissing cockraoches, tropical fish, Giant African land snails, crickets and locust.
We went outside and explored our school grounds for other microhabitas.
We have also looked at bigger habitations and investigated what creatures live in bigger areas such as the savannah, arctic, ocean, desert, rainforest and woodland. 
Where would you most like to live? 
Christmas Fayre 
We have had a busy time with lots of fun raising money for our school and going home with craft and chocolate. thank you P.O.T.s for making it happen.
Snuggle up and Read day
We have had great fun, snuggling in our PJs with our favourite softie and a good book. Where is your favourite place to read? 
We finished the day staying behind for hot chocolate and a Christmas movie until it was dark!!!!!!
Christmas Nativity~ Prickly Hay
We couldn't invite our families to watch us perform this year but the infants have worked so hard to make our play be perfect. Watch this space ... the DVD is rolling out soon! 
Winter is here but where is the snow?
We have made our own snow globe scenes to imagine what life would be like in a snow globe having read The Snow Globe Family. 
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We will be feeling a little BLUE this Christmas as we say farewell to Mrs Tucker and Mrs Sparke.
We have learned so much with these two lovely ladies and wish them well on their new adventures. 
Thank you ~ we will miss you both.