Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!
Come and see what we've been up to recently.
Our class teacher is Miss Marshall and we share the wonderful Mrs Smith with Year 3.
We have P.E. on a Wednesday and Friday so please make sure your P.E. kit is in school every week. Weekly spelling tests are on a Monday and weekly times table tests are on Friday, learning a little each day might make this task more manageable. 
L'argent de poche (19/3/20)
For the end of our French topic on Pocket Money, we went to the shops! Each group created their own shop, priced up their items and bought and sold their goods... All in French!! They had lots of fun and were able to use all the French they'd learnt so far and more. 
Frank Cottrell Boyce Visit (6/3/20)
Year 4 were lucky enough to extend their World Book Day celebrations by having a visit from author Frank Cottrell Boyce. Along with the rest of KS2, Year 4 visited Irby Primary School who were hosting the event and listened to Frank read extracts from his new book 'Runaway Robot' and got to ask some questions about how he became the author he is today. Some children (and Miss Marshall) were lucky enough to have their books signed by Frank! Thank you Irby for organising and Frank for coming to talk to us we all had a wonderful time! Well done children, Frank himself complimented you on how well behaved and polite you were.
World Book Day (5/3/20)
Along with the rest of the school, Year 4 celebrated World Book Day on Thursday. We enjoyed a story in French from Kellie at Lingotot who showed us how stories can be shared across the World, we talked about all the stories we enjoyed sharing and even got to share a story with our partner! The children had a great time dressing up. I wonder if you can spot Matilda, Harry Potter, Cleopatra and many many more?
Science Club (11/2/20)
Throughout this half term, year 4 have been taking part in lunch time science club to create a model of the digestive system. All the parts were kindly donated to us by a Thingwall family who worked hard to collect the magazines and now it is complete! It even comes with small balls of 'food' that can be 'eaten' and pass through the digestive system! Well done year 4!!
The Pop Project (6/2/20)
Along with the rest of the school, year 4 were thrilled to welcome the Pop Project to school. They came in to talk/sing to us about happiness as part as our Healthy and Happy Heart fortnight! We learned 5 steps to keep ourselves happy, I wonder if you can remember them? 
We would like to say a huge thanks to POTS who funded the Pop Project's visit.
The Colour of Home (22/1/20)
We had a lovely session with Ana from MEAS about a book called The Colour of Home. In the book, we were told about Hassan a Somalian refugee and how his life turned upside when he had to leave his country. The children were so thoughtful and listened so carefully.
Gymnastics (17/1/20)
In P.E., we have been practising various gymnastic skills such as jumping, balancing and travelling. This week we put all that we have learnt into practice to come up with group routines. The children worked hard to listen to each others' ideas and work together with some superb results. Well done Year 4!
Christmas Party (18/12/19)
Year 4 had a wonderful time playing party games, dancing to Christmas songs and eating party food. Merry Christmas!!
Christmas Performance (2/12/19 - 3/12/19)
Year 4 took part in Thingwall's annual Christmas Carol Service this week. With the help of Ms Laird, the children played a song on the recorders and sang (and danced) to a song called Ding Dong. The children worked so hard and did so well, well done! Thank you to those who came to watch, it means a lot to the children to see you smiling faces in the audience.
World Science Day (8/11/19)
As part of World Science Day, Year 4 investigated the effects of oil spills on the environment. In groups, the children had to come up with and execute a plan for removing oil from water and cleaning off the 'wildlife'. Each group worked really hard but understood how difficult it can be to clean up and oil spill and save the wildlife affected.
UN Sustainable Goals (23/10/19)
As part of a whole school themed week on the UN Sustainable Goals, Year 4 looked at Climate Change Action, goal 13. We found out what climate change is and what actions we could take to halt it and its effects on our world. This inspired two girls in the class to go away and create their own leaflet warning of the dangers of climate change and suggesting actions that could be taken. Well done year 4, you can change the world!!
African Drumming (16/10/19)
Along with the whole school, year 4 had the opportunity to have a go at playing African djembe drums. They played different rhythms, had a go at being the conductor and even learnt some Swahili! What an exciting afternoon. 
World Mental Health Day (10/10/19)
As part of our PSHE lesson, Year 4 looked at how to keep our minds and bodies healthy by having a balanced lifestyle. We talked about the choices we could make in order to keep our bodies healthy and the things we could do in order to keep our mind healthy. We ended the session with some mindfulness to help us relax as we focussed on our breathing and slowing our heart rates. Maybe this weekend you could go on a walk in the fresh air, read a book or do some mindful breathing to keep your minds and bodies healthy?
Say No to Racism (19/9/19)
Year 3 and 4 welcomed Anna and Sheema from MEAS to school on Thursday to talk about racism and how we can help to stop it. We learnt that racism can be discrimination against someones skin colour, nationality, culture or religion and can affect everyone. We also learnt that if we see an incident of racism we should tell an adult who can get in touch with the police, we should not be bystanders to racism. The children asked some great questions and it was really interesting hearing from Sheema and Anna. Thank you!
How we hear (18/3/20)
Despite the rain, year 4 were able to get outside and conduct two investigations into how we hear sound. First we tested the hypothesis that sound gets quieter the further away from the source you are and then we investigated how ear shape helps us to hear. As you can see, we made our own ear trumpets and tested out which one helped us hear better or whether our own ears did the best job. What do you think the result was?
Sound (5/3/20)
We have started our new science topic of sound for this half term. Today we learned that sound travels via vibrations through a medium and we even had a go at using a tuning fork and a bowl of water to see these vibrations!
Sikhism (11/2/20)
Today we welcomed Bobby Singh to our class to talk all about Sikhism. We saw various important symbols of the religion and even got to try on a turban. I wonder what you found most interesting about today's session?
Sponsored Mile (10/2/20)
Along with the rest of the school, year 4 took part in our sponsored mile as part of Happy and Healthy Heart fortnight. Even in the ferocious wind, we walked around the playground nine times, those who chose to run even managed to complete more laps!! The donations are coming in thick and fast so don't forget to bring your form and money so we can see which class managed to raise the most money.
Division (31/1/20)
Year 4 have been using practical resources in maths to help us with division. We used the place value counters to represent the number and shared it equally between the correct number of groups to find our answer. We even had to do some exchanging, clever us!
The Digestive System (21/1/20)
In science, we are learning about animals including humans and currently we are looking at how the human digestive system works. Today we created our own digestive system on the outside of a body!! First, the children had to name the organs, then put them in the correct place and finally they had to tell the class how food travels through the body, giving the function of each organ as they went. I wonder if your child can you tell you what happens when we eat our food?
Look what we made! (19/12/19)
This week Year 4 have been completing their Design Technology project, coin holders! The looked at different examples, designed their own and then made them! There were some very creative designs, well done year 4! Have a look at the end result below.
Polling Day (13/12/19)
Thingwall took advantage of being used as a polling station yesterday by borrowing the polling booths to hold our own votes. Year 4 voted on which book they would like to read next half term, either The Explorer or Rooftoppers both by Katherine Rundell. After reading the manifestos (blurbs) and campaigning (some discussion on why we think we should read each book) the children took to the polls to make their decision. The votes were counted and next half term we will be reading The Explorer! I wonder if you can find the Amazon River on a map or globe in preparation for our next adventure?
Water Workshop (26/11/19)
Mrs Cooper organised a special treat for Year 4 and Year 6 today, we had Ms Clarke from United Utilities come in to talk to us all about water. Year 4 learnt all about the Water Cycle (they even learnt a dance to help them remember!) and how to conserve water. We use water for so many different things every day so it's important to use it carefully and not waste it. I wonder how many ways of conserving water you can think of? and how many can you do this week? 
Thank you Ms Clarke, the children had so much fun and have learnt a lot about all things water!
States of Matter (14/11/19)
Our science topic for this half term is states of matter so to start off we've been investigating the properties of a solid, liquid and a gas. We realised this could be tricky as sand acts like a liquid when in a large quantity but actually each individual grain is a solid. Jelly is even trickier to classify! I wonder how many properties you can remember?
Philosophy for Children, P4C (24/10/19)
Is it ever ok to protest? Year 4 discussed this question and tried to come up with an answer based on protests past and present. There were some great ideas and the children worked really hard to express their ideas. What do you think?
Black History Month (October 2019)
Year 4 recognised Black History Month by looking at Maya Angelou, in particular her poem Life Doesn't Frighten Me. We then used the book Little Leaders: Inspirational Women in Black History to look at biographies and how they are written. After some research, year 4 then wrote their own biography on various significant figures in Black History recognising their achievements and contributions to our lives.
Au marché (14/10/19)
Today Year 4 went to the market to buy some fruit and vegetables... in French! I wonder if your child can remember how to say all the different things in the basket?
European Day of Languages (26/9/19)
Along with the rest of the school, Year 4 celebrated European Day of Languages on 26th September. As a class we looked at Spain and the Spanish language. We learnt that 21 countries have Spanish as an official language and that it is the second most spoken language in the world. We talked about Spanish festivals, tried some Spanish food and even learnt to Flamenco! I wonder if you can remember how to say hello and goodbye in Spanish?