Welcome to Year 2 2019-20

Mrs Goulding is the Year2 class teacher along with Mrs Marsland supporting.
Mrs Hine will help on a Thursday and some Wednesdays.
We are so glad you have joined us as we are the oldest class in the Infants (Key Stage 1) so we will need your help to set a good example for the younger children.
Hi Year 2,
I would like to thank you for all your lovely cards and presents. It was very kind of you. It's been a pleasure to teach you all this year and I look forward to seeing you all in September.
Have a lovely summer.
Miss Hine
Already Year 2 have been busy in Maths making 2 and 3 digit numbers with different apparatus. We have been singing and counting fast in 2s, 5s, and 10s.
If you have 3 cards
5, 0  and 7
What would be the smallest number you could make and the greatest number?
Could you put them in an order, smallest first?
Try with other single digit cards. What can you make?
We have been reading alternative versions of traditional fairy tales and using story language to write our own versions. We have used time words, adjectives and thought of our own goodie and baddie characters.
Can you re tell a story using our time words? 
Once upon a time....
One day...
At last ...
....and they all lived happily ever after. 
Thank you for donating cakes and money for Macmillan Cancer Support
In P.E  and Science we have been investigating what happens to our hearts when we exercise.
arriving ...
We made pumpkin soup.
Year 2 enjoyed an African drumming session. 
We changed the pitch and tempo of our drumming from loud to quiet, quick to fast. Some of us conducted so that different sounds were composed. 
History Timelines
We have been making our own time lines about important times that happened before we were even born.
We worked together to order where we thought events took place and then checked them on our huge school time line in the corridor. 
Making our own soap
After our trip to Port Sunlight we made our own glycerin soap with surprises inside. As we had been learning about Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, we used underwater creatures to hide in our soap. We won't be able to play with them until we have used up all the soap ... so ...... keep washing!
Remember our fish?
Well they have moved back to Mrs Smith's house but other fish have moved in instead. Mrs Smith has had to re arrange the tank and alter the temperature as we now have tropical fish that are used to warmer water. Come and take a peek...
Advent has begun and as part of Year 2's study on A Celebration of Light we have looked at the Christingle and what it represents. We have even made our own.
Gingerbread Biscuit Recipe
We have been busy making gingerbread men biscuits and writing instructions using imperative (bossy) verbs, time words, adverbs and adjectives.
Our biscuits were delicious!
We made our own Magic Snow powder after watching The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. We even made our own Christmas baubles sit in powdered snow to look like a snow globe after reading The Snow Globe Family story.
Thank you to Mrs Cooper and parents for making it possible for the whole school to visit The Light Cinema to see Abominable. We had a great time... and popcorn at home time from P.O.T.s .
Happy New Year to you all.
We trust that you had a lovely rest and you are ready to start a new term full of energy.
For fun we read The Queen's Knickers by Nicholas Allan. The story explains that the Queen has a different pair of knickers for every occasion: horse-riding, sailing, Christmas. We designed our own underwear that the Queen may wear for other occasions.
~significant women who
have cared
This term we are linking our local historical figures with figures beyond Britain. We have started locally with Kitty Wilkinson. She was born in Ireland but lived in Liverpool in the 1800's. She played an important part in helping reduce Cholera. She started the first public bath and wash house. 
Look who came to visit again.....
Ms Collins and Baby Sam. He can do a lot more now- eat soft food, bounce and giggle!
It was lovely to see them both. 
In P.E we have been learning to defend and attack in our basket ball games.
The Pop Project came to visit us and reminded us all about the important things that keep us happy and healthy. We were reminded about having enough sleep, eating breakfast, sharing a smile and kind ways with others, sleeping in a dark room, no electronics an hour before bed, dancing and singing , exercise.... the list could go on. It made us all feel soooooo happy!
In Computing we have been busy writing and inserting algorithms into programs. We have had to be very specific in our instructions so that our algorithms work. 
Tennis skills taught by Heswall Tennis Coach- great fun.
March Computing
More algorithms in Computing in Year 2. We had to give specific instructions otherwise our Bee Bots misunderstood and went the wrong way. 
Fairtrade Cake Sale
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been busy making fairtrade banana and chocolate cakes and biscuits to sell to the rest of our school as part of our enterprise task. We are still counting the money we have raised.
Do you buy Fair trade products?
Look at our amazing 3D model homework projects so far!!!!!
We have been testing materials to see which are the most rigid and which are flexible in order to make bridges.
Always scroll down to see what our latest news is about. 
Science: Healthy Animals
We are looking at what all animals need in order to live and survive.
Miss Collins came back to show us 8 week old Baby Sam. 
He slept nearly all afternoon apart from waking for his milk.
Miss Collins told us what Sam can and can't do and what she needs to do to look after him. 
Can you remember what he needed? 
R.E: Hinduism
This term we are learning about the ancient religion of Hinduism and looking at different faith celebrations.
We have learned that many Hindu people do not eat meat from a cow. It is a special animal that gives milk to its own and has plenty more to share for us too. 
We have been looking online at Cow Parades and how people decorate cows to show how special they are. We made our own Colourful Cows in class. 
Oh no.... What has happened to our goldfish?
Mrs Smith is keeping it all under wraps.
Watch this space......
European Day-
Year 2 studied 
What can you remember?
Back in time Victorian Trip to Birkenhead Park and Port Sunlight. Thank you to families who helped make the day with costumes as we learned about Joseph Paxton and Lord Leverhulme
Our Class Assembly was based on the story Pumpkin Soup. It was all about FRIENDSHIP and SHARING.
Habitats- we have made model habitats and learned how some animals are best suited to certain climates and how other animals adapt to their environment when climate changes.
As part of STEM fun we have explored stratification when we see colours separate and join and when fats separate. We saw amazing reactions and patterns.
Christmas Play
We have started the new term learning about our bodies and how to keep our bodies safe as part of the NSPCC Pants Campaign.
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We have been busy grouping objects and seeing how fast we can count in groups of 2,5,and 10. We have learned 'x' sign means lots of/ multiply but we also know that 5+5+5 is the same as 3 x 5.
We went with Mrs Hine to Visit St Michael's and all angels as part of our topic of SPECIAL PLACES.
We looked for the altar, font, crucifix, pew and Bible that are found in a Christian Church.
Design Technology
We have been exploring different ways to attached material. We have used staples, glue, Selotape and we have even has=d a go at sewing to see what are the best ways to make finger puppets. 
We then made hand puppets to show off our sewing skills. 
Sponsored Mile around the school playground. We used our number counters to count the laps. 
We have been learning about significant women from the past who have helped people. Not only was Kitty Wilkinson knowledgeable about cleanliness in the Victorian times but also Florence Nightingale- the lady with the lamp. 
We have also learned about Mother Teresa who became a saint for all her unselfish and kind ways to the poor and sick.
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February 22nd Thinking Day
Robert Baden Powel was an army officer in the war. He became Chief of the Boys Scout Movement whilst his sister Agnes Baden Powell started the Girl Guide and Scout Movement. Their groups taught life skills, team work and also helped people in need. Some of us are in these groups today and came to school in our uniforms. We took the opportunity to reflect on our actions and how we help each other and those in need. It was also great to feel proud of being in a group. What are you a member of? Are you in a team that works together? 
World Book Day
What is your favourite character?
Can you spot them hiding in our class? 
Have you met our Head teacher and Deputy Head teacher for the day as part of our Break the Rules day? 
They did an amazing job.
Show and Tell Presentations about the world.
We have learned about Ancient Greece, France, Wales, New Zealand, Canada and Spain. Can't wait for who is next to speak.
We have been learning about Janice Sylvia Brock, the Caribbean artist who came from near Manchester. We have been using bright oil pastels to draw pictures like her art work.