Year 6 have been learning the skills to be a professional hockey player over the past few weeks. They have been getting better and better and are now able to accurately pass and move. use a variety of different shots and work as a team.
Welcome to the PE section of our website.The children of Thingwall primary School are involved in many exciting sports across the school. They have already enjoyed taking part in inter-school competitions in football, and they have competed against each other in bench ball, Dodge Ball and Gymnastics.  
The children enjoy playing Dodgeball during another fun filled Premier Sport's club! 
Here are our wonderful Year Two children, with the aid of some helpful Year 5s, performing some excellent balances, sequences and jumps. Wow!! 
Well done Reception! You've managed to travel with control. What wonderful Christmas jumpers!!
There has been lots of fantastic PE action over the half term and the children have all been learning some fantastic new skills. Here are a few of the highlights from each of the year groups! 
A whole host of gymnastic moves performed by our wonderful Year 3 class. Wow! Great balancing, travelling and floor routines going on here!!