June and July Daily Home Learning Page 3

Friday 17th July-Our Last day in Year 3
You've made it. Congratulations!
What an interesting Year 3 journey it has been. Thank you for letting me come on this journey with you and your families. I have had a wonderful year at school and watching how you have tackled the work online. I have loved looking back over our class VLE pages and seeing everything that we have done-for
example, our Christmas singing, Liverpool class trip and wonderful class assembly. (We've been really lucky as a lot of other year groups didn't get to do their trip or assembly.)
I know that you are all ready for what exciting things Year 4 has in store for you in September. I have loved being a part of your Thingwall life and am really proud of how you have coped with your family through this unusual time.
Thank you for all your kind words, cards and presents. You are very kind.
Have a fabulous Summer with your friends and families. Stay safe, have fun, keep washing your hands, get lots of fresh air and above all else KEEP SMILING!
If we had been in school, today would have been Toy Day, tidying, partying and just enjoying being us in Year 3. Today can you-
Play with your toys
Help Mum, Dad or any other members of your family with some tidying up.
In school, we are having a party plate of food to eat in the afternoon. Perhaps you could have one too?
Welcome to our June Year 3 Home Learning Page 
Our June Birthdays are-
Ethan N-1st  Matthew-3rd 
Jake-12th  Jack J-17th  Joe 23rd 
Lucas 23rd  Thomas 29th
Just a reminder that you can look back over March, April and May Home Learning pages if you need to look back over anything that you have enjoyed or missed. 
Just a little about what Year 3 have been up to!
Tremendous Thursday  16.7.20
Almost there Year 3. Just today and tomorrow left for your school year to be finished. Today can you-
English- Finish off whichever pages you have not looked at yet in your Summer Activity Booklet. Try to be as neat as possible and see if you can join your writing too.
There's some spelling 2Dos in Purple Mash.
Maths- Finish off whichever pages you have not looked at yet in your Summer Activity Booklet. 
Harrison has set you a fraction Wall 2Do for today. It's his FAVOURITE maths game!
Purple Mash- Make sure that you have completed ALL the 2Dos that I have set you. 
Helping at home/school-If it had been a "normal" day in school we would be spending a lot of today helping to take down displays,tidying and sorting. Can you complete two "helping" tasks that Mum or Dad have set for you today. Do them well...with NO complaining!
Have a fantastic Thursday. Keep Smiling! Mrs Mitchell
Wonderful Wednesday    15.7.20
Our last Year 3 Wednesday. Let's make it really special by completing today's work in super, fast time!  Today can you-
English- In your Summer Activity Booklet can you write a Very Froggy Holiday for Mr and Mrs Frog on Page 7 and finish the Plural Packing on Page 8.
Maths- In your Maths Summer Activity Booklet can you complete the I Spy on Page 6 and the Holiday Time on Page 7 please.
Liverpool World Museum- Have fun exploring using virtual technology.
Perhaps you'll be interested in the Dinosaur Tour or the Japan Tour or even The World Cultures Tour. Take your pick and find out three brand new things.
As always stay safe, get lots of fresh air, be kind, wash your hands carefully  and Keep Smiling. Mrs Mitchell
Terrific Tuesday   14.7.20
Hello again. What a miserable, rainy day it was yesterday. To cheer you up in our last week, have a look at the Summer activity booklets above. The Keyworker children in school have loved the multiplication colour match sheet yesterday. Today can you-
English- Summer Activity Booklet Pages 4 and 5. Page 4 is spotting the spelling and punctuation mistakes and Page 5 is a comprehension.
Maths-Summer Activity Booklet for Maths Pages 4 and 5. The first page is a quick 3 times table puzzle. Be careful though, as the frog may not go the way you want! Follow the multiples of 3. Page 5 is all about multiplication and division.
Purple Mash- In Purple Mash I have set some 2Dos to complete the year.
You can always look on BBC Bitesize Daily for some English. Maths and Topic if you have time.
Stay safe and Keep Smiling!  Mrs Mitchell
Marvellous    Monday    13.7.20
CONGRATULATIONS...you've made it to the final week of Year 3. What a funny, mixed up year it has been too! You should all be VERY proud of yourselves and the hard work that you have continued to do, at home and in school (Keyworker children), has been absolutely wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better class and families to have worked with during this Lockdown. Our last week would have been a bit different in school. We would have had some lessons, some play and lots of tidying up so I'm going to put all these things into your work for this week. Today can you-
English- I've downloaded a Summer Activity Booklet for you. Have a look at Pages 2 and 3 today. They recap sentences and prepositions. 
Maths- I've downloaded a Summer Activity Booklet for you. Have a look at Pages 2 and 3 today. They recap multiplication and division and money addition.
Music- Have a lovely sing along to The People of Tomorrow from our amazing class visit to The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.
Jobs to help around the house to get ready for the Summer holidays- Ask someone in your family to give you a tidying job to do. It could be something to help in the garden, putting away the washing, a bit of hoovering or polishing or sorting your bedroom. It's their choice. Do it as well as you can to make them REALLY pleased.
Keep Smiling-Mrs Mitchell
F a b u l o u s      F r i d a y  10.7.20
Hello Wonderful Year 3 and your Amazing Families. It's the end of another week so a BIG thank you from me for getting involved in all the work that has been set this week. Only one more week of online work to go, so push on with as much as you can until the end of this term. You are all doing BRILLIANTLY! Today can you-
English-Today can you have a look at Pages 12 and 13 in your Lockdown Creative Writing Unit.  It's all about contrast today.  The poem is called WISHES but really it's about wanting to do the things that we normally do. You can read and listen to Wishes on Page 12 to help you get some ideas. Then see how the poem is set out on page 13 to give you extra hints. Have a go. Neat writing too please.
I've set you some end of year spelling 2Dos too.
Maths- TT Rockstars as usual on a Friday.  See how fast you can go. Really challenge yourself today.
Here's a link for a recap of capacity for you to do.
PSHE- Think of 3 thinks that you and your friends could do to help Ashleigh settle into a new class in a new school. Think about what would make you happy. 
As always you can look on BBC Bitesize Daily to see if there is anything that you've missed or want to look at.  Check that you have finished all your 2Dos in Purple Mash. 
Have a wonderful weekend. Be kind and Keep Smiling! Mrs Mitchell.
A reminder again that if you are answering questions on Bug Club your answers must be detailed and use the text to help.  I do read your answers so make sure that they make sense and that you are not missing out the harder questions!
Tremendous Thursday   9.7.20
Good morning on this lovely Thursday Year 3.  The Keyworker children in school enjoyed writing
I Didn't Know I'd Miss poem yesterday. There were lots of things they missed like their friends, the sounds on the playground...even homework!!!!
Today can you-
English- Bug Club again today.  Just enjoy reading a lovely story or some facts. Find a book that really interests you and answer the questions in detail too. 
I've set two Spelling 2Dos for you today.
Maths- All about Mass. Watch the video for Lesoon 4 and then continue with the worksheets. Everything is above for you.
In Purple Mash I have set The Sequence Snake for you to have a go at. It's trickier than it looks!
Art-Today we are looking at the Brazillian artist Romero Britto and his style of pop art. Lots of bright colours to see and use.
Watch the clip to help you complete a piece of work in his style.
Dramahttps://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zt32kty try out your acting skills today!
Have a lovely day. Hope the sun shines Keep Smiling!-Mrs Mitchell
Hopefully not "Wet" Wednesday!  8.7.20
I hope you have all dried off from yesterday's rain. What a damp day it was, although your sunflowers will have enjoyed it!  So, here's hoping today is a bit more like July weather. Today can you-
English- Read a Bug Club Book and answer the questions in as much detail as you can. 
Let's jump to pages 10 and 11 in our Lockdown creative writing Unit. "I didn't know I'd miss". Read/listen to the poem on page 11 and think about the things that you have missed.Think about what would normally be happening at home and at school to help you write yours. Neat handwriting and illustrate if you like.
Maths- Mass again today. Watch the video and then it's Lesson 3 today. How many g are there in a half kg? All the help you need is above.
I've set a 2Do called Funky Platform. I think you could start at the second level today. Remember to use the arrow keys to move and that you can jump backwards and forwards to add, subtract and multiply.
German- Just for a little change I thought you could have a try at learning a bit of German today. Do you know what the capital of Germany is? Here's the link-https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zwkq4xs
Have a wonderful Wednesday. Stay safe. Be kind. Keep washing your hands carefully and above all else...Keep Smiling!  Mrs Mitchell
Tingly Tuesday    7.7.20
What a wonderful day for doing Year 3 work! Hopefully yesterday you wrote a simile poem and studied g and kg. How many g are there in a kg?  Today can you-
English-Metaphors today. Write a rainforest description using metaphors.
Pages 7, 8 and 9 will help you in the Lockdown Writing Unit.
Maths- In maths today it is all about comparing mass. Watch the teaching video to help you start and then complete the worksheets as usual.  
TTRockstars today too! Do about 20 quick answered minutes.
Music- You have a Music 2Do. Compose a piece of music that represents what you think the rain forest would sound like if it was a piece of music. Choose short and long sounds (tempo),  quiet and loud sounds (dynamics), high and low sounds (pitch) and put these all together (timbre) to create the sound you want. Have fun!
Have a terrific Tuesday. Keep Smiling -Mrs Mitchell
Magnificent Monda   6.7.20
Good morning FANTASTIC Year 3 and your SUPER families. Despite the rain I hope you have had a great weekend and are ready to work hard for me with your online lessons. Today can you-
English- We are going back to the Lockdown Creative writing unit today. Go to 5 and 6. It's all about similes.
To link into our school Brazil theme can you write your poem about a rainforest animal. Make sure that you illustrate it and write it like a poem-see the examples, and write REALLY neatly.
Maths-This week it's all about MASS. Watch the Teaching Video first and then complete today's work. 
French- Log into 
See if you can listen and think about family and hobbies in today's lesson.
Enjoy your day. Be kind to each other. Stay safe and Keep Smiling.
Mrs Mitchell
Fabulous Friday       3.7.20
Don't forget to get in touch with Edsential if you want to learn a musical instrument next year. Follow the instructions in the email that was sent out earlier this week.
How quickly has this week flown by? Thank you again Year 3 for working so hard for me and thank you to your lovely families for helping too. Before the weekend begins today can you-
English- If you haven't already done so can you register with The Summer Reading Challenge and add in all the books you have read this week.
English-A spelling day today. Can you complete 3 IDL challenges.
There are some spelling 2Dos in Purple Mash.
Maths- Let's have another look at time. Log into Bitesize Daily to recap the time you completed yesterday
Maths- Complete at least 20  minutes of TTRockstars. How fast can you go?
Beliefs- I've set a 2Do about honesty. There's a video to watch and then a bit of writing to get you thinking why it's important in this case to be honest.
Have a fantastic weekend. Stay safe, get lots of fresh air, keep washing your hands , be polite and KEEP SMILING!  Mrs Mitchell
Terrific Thursda    2.7.20
Good morning on this second day of July. I hope some more of you have joined the Summer Reading Challenge and have added some of the books that you have read. Today can you-
English- Log in to Oxord Owl again and follow the words whilst you listen to the audio. Add this book to The Summer Challenge.
My Class Login-
Class name-year3tps
Make sure that you have completed any work in the Lockdown Writing Unit. You should have completed to Page 4 by now.
Maths- Lesson 3 today. Watch the Teaching Video and then answer the questions. I've also set a Shape Sorting 2Do in Purple Mash.
Geography- Oceans. From Bitesize Daily Year 3 30th June.
Have a super day. Stay safe, keep hand washing, get lots of fresh air and most of all be polite and KEEP SMILING!   Mrs Mitchell
Wonderful Wednesday      1.7.20
Welcome to JULY!   
We are now into our last month of this school year so keep on trying as hard as you can. Just a few little observation but can you ALL work really hard on being able to tie your shoelaces before you get to Year 4? It will make Mrs Holroyd SMILE!
Today can you-
English-Hopefully a lot of you will have signed up to the summer reading challenge.
If you haven't, then try to do it soon with your Mum or Dad. 
Can you choose a book to read on Oxford Owl today. Remember to click on the pink MY CLASS LOGIN in the top right hand corner.
My Class Login-year3tps
When you have read your book you can add it into your  Summer Reading Challenge.
Maths-Lesson 3 today. Make sure you remember what a 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 sided shape is called! All the information is above as usual.
As the Museums have been closed I thought that you might like to travel back in time! Click on Archaeology. Then enjoy  the video Treasure Hunters. Then find out about the Romans in and around Merseyside by clicking on the information.  There might be some things that you want to draw, make or actually explore during the Summer Holidays.
As always, Stay Safe, Get Lots of Fresh Air, Work Hard and Keep Smiling!. Mrs Mitchell
Terrific Tuesday   30.6.20
Hello on the last day of June. Bbbrrrrrrrr it was cold yesterday! 
To warm you up toady can you-
English-It's all about List Poems today . Look for Pages 3 and 4 to help you in the Lockdown Creative Writing Unit. 
Bug Club-Read a Book and add it to The Summer Reading Challenge-You'll need Mum or Dad to help you with an email and a password.
Maths-Lesson 2 today. Make sure if you are using a ruler that it is accurate and the lines are straight. Also, make sure that you read carefully for cm and mm.
Computing- I've set you a computer programming mission in a 2Do on Purple Mash. Make sure you follow the instructions. Also make sure that you click the button to show the grid in the background as this makes it easier to see how far you have moved. Have Fun!
Enjoy your Tuesday. Sta safe and Keep Smiling . Mrs Mitchell
Ps-BBC Bitesize Daily is available if you need some more work to do. Just click on Year 3 to see what there is for you.
Magnificent Monday   29.6.20
Well hello again Year 3. I hope you had a great weekend despite the wind and the rain. We've only got three weeks to the end of the Summer Term so keep working as hard as you can for me.
Can you, at home with the help of your parents, log into 
You will need your home email address to log in. It's a SUPER SUMMER READING CHALLENGE that you can start now. It has lots of games and quizzes that you can get involved in and when you log in you can add any reading books that you have read. 
Today can you-Linked to the above reading challenge can you read a book on Bug Club and answer the questions. You can then add this book into the above reading challenge. 
Can you also open up the Lockdown Creative Writing Unit above-This Unit will last two weeks. Please answer Page 2.
 Maths-You know what to do because you are experts at this now! Watch the Teaching Video and the find Lesson One worksheet for today.
This is the lesson from Year 3 on 26th June.
Have a super Monday and I'll catch you all again tomorrow. Keep Smiling-Mrs Mitchell
Fun Friday   26.6.20
What a Hot Hot Hot day it was yesterday! You've made it to the end of another week. Brilliant work Year 3 and your super, wonderful families. Today, to finish off the week can you-
English- Have a look back over you Rucksack items from yesterday ( See the link above- Journey to the Jungle). Today I would like you to improve and edit your ideas and write them up REALLY neatly and add illustrations to your ideas. 

Log into IDL and complete at least 3 lessons.
Maths- TTRockstars to start today. How fast can you go?
Then log in to BBC Bitesize Daily -https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons and do the maths lesson for today. You could also have a look back over the other lessons for this week so that you know the maths vocabulary-angle, acute, obtuse, vertical, horizontal, parallel, diagonal and perpendicular.
Science- In Science I've set a 2Do all about the skeleton. Don't forget to send me your finished work!
Have a fabulous weekend. Stay safe. Keep washing your hands. Get lots of fresh air and exercise and above all else...Keep Smiling!  Mrs Mitchell
Terrific Thursday        25.6.20
WOW-What a HOT day it was yesterday! I hope you all managed to get a little bit of sunshine and also find a place to stay cool. I think it is going to be another hot one today so stay safe in the sun with lots of suncream and a sun hat. Today can you-
English-Make sure that you've finished the Jungle Comprehension on Page 7 and then have a go at writing 10 things that an explorer would have in their rucksack. To start, I think I might have,
The strongest magnifying glass made of powerful, silver steel
A sunshine, yellow fish scale from a funny clown fish.
Some soft, fluffy fragments taken from a low, misty cloud.
Maths-Angles Lesson 3 today. You should have some super maths vocabulary now-right angle, acute, obtuse, horizontal, perpendicular, vertical and parallel.
I've set a Monster Times Table 2Do in Purple Mash.
History-We are continuing our Vikings study this week. Watch the Viking Video on Youtube (Remember to stay safe online).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpxIGTvKwOE and write down three positives (good things) and three negatives (bad things) about being a Viking.
As always if you want to have a look at BBC Biteesize Daily you will find some Maths, English and a Topic each day.
Keep Smiling in the sun. Mrs Mitchell
Wonderful   Warm   Wednesday    14.6.20
Hello again. It's our halfway through the week meet up. Thank you for all your emails and pictures showing me what you are getting up to. I've tried to put as many on our page for you all to have a look at but as our computer server is not completely working properly some pictures keep disappearing! Today can you-
English-Journey to the Jungle. If you haven't already then listen to the recording of the text-https://soundcloud.com/talkforwriting/jungle/s-4Ye8khPyx1x  (This link is in your English booklet above too)
Then can you complete pages 6 and 7. You really must be joining your writing neatly, writing in  full sentences and with capital letters and full stops in the correct places.
Iv'e set some spelling 2Dos too!
 Maths- Another day of angles. You should know what a right angle is and whether acute or obtuse angles are smaller or larger than a right angle. You should also be using a RULER to help you draw your own angles. Look for Lesson 3 above. Watch the video first and then tackle the worksheets.
History-A second day of Viking History. This is the link for Episode 2 which starts at around 4 minutes into the programme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbnATsmhTss  Part 3 follows afterwards. 
Remember that you are online and need to stay safe .  If this link doesn't load search zigzag vikings part 2 instead
If you would like, you can always look on BBC Bitesize Daily Year 3 for some more Maths, English and a Topic. Keep Smiling-Mrs Mitchell
Tremendous Tuesday     23.6.20
I hope you enjoyed the jungle work from yesterday. The keyworker children in school loved the animal jungle work.  They mad lots of interesting notes about each animal.
Today can you-
English-Re-read the Jungle Log on page 3 and make sure you finished Page 4 from yesterday. Today can you match the synonyms on Page 5 and think of some of your own too. NEAT JOINED HANDWRITING please.
Maths- Lots of right angled triangles yesterday. Today you will need to know that ACUTE means smaller than a right angle and that OBTUSE means greater or larger than a right angle. As always, watch the video first and then have a go at the worksheets for today. 
History- The Viking Invasion. This is a Youtube link. so make sure you have the permission of an adult and you stay safe online. Just watch the 16 minute programme and find out all about those early Viking raids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gjJ1AEeiCo&t=172s
If you'd like a bit more work , you can always look on BBC Bitesize daily for an English, Maths and Topic relevant to Year 3. 
Stay safe...and if it's your birthday today have a great time! Mrs Mitchell 
Marvellous Monday  22.6.20
Hello my lovely Year 3's and your amazingly, supportive families. You are ALL heroes in your own unique ways.
It's the start of another fantastic work week. I'm very happy as we could get Lucy home from Bangor University to join our family "bubble" on the Wirral so things are beginning to get a little bit back to normal in the Mitchell household. Today can you-
English-This week you are becoming Jungle Explorers in English-Journey to the Jungle. See the above link for this week. Imagine that your wardrobe could take you to an exciting jungle with tall plants, amazing animals and unusual sounds? Can you read pages 2 and 3 and then write down your answers fro page 4. 
Maths-This week it is all about ANGLES not angels!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ! You are amazing at doing this now so watch and interact with the above teaching video and then have a go at the worksheets for today. I've included the answers too for you to check. Have fun!
This link is a Youtube link so make sure that you stay safe online. To link into our Jungle theme in English, can you make a note of all the animals you see in the Amazon Rainforest and write at least one fact about each of them. Enjoy and look out for the TAPIRS! My favourite!
Keep working hard. Stay safe. Make sure when you are writing that you are writing in full sentences with joined handwriting. Get lots of fresh air. Keep washing your hands and most importantly KEEP SMILING!  Mrs Mitchell
Fantastic   Frida        19.6.20
Hurray Year 3 you have made it to the end of another work filled week. I hope you didn't get too wet yesterday. There were LOTS of puddles at school in the front playground-I may have to bring my wellies tomorrow!  Today can you-
English- The last piece of work this week in our understanding of people who are refugees. It is a reading and answering questions task so make sure you read carefully and go back to the text to find your answers. You don't have to keep all the information in your head. The link is Refugee Week 19.6.20 above. The reading part is on Pages 1 and 2 and the questions are on Page 3. If you want to check your answers then look at Page 4. 
There's a Spelling 2Do in Purple Mash.
Maths- It's the final lesson this week so look for Lesson 4 in the link above. As always, watch the video first and then answer the worksheets afterwards.
You can dip into TTRockstars today too.
Music- In Purple Mash I have set up Busy Beats for you to compose a piece of music that reminds you of how a refugee would feel when they knew they were somewhere safe with their family.
Have a fantastic weekend. Stay safe, get lots of fresh air whilst dodging the rain, keep washing your hands and most important of all KEEP SMILING! Mrs Mitchell
Terrific Thursday  18.6.20
Hello lovely Year 3. I hope you could get onto our class page yesterday. It was a bit hit and miss here at school to be able to get links or see pictures. If you are struggling then please look at BBC Bitesize Daily as the Maths follows White Rose and the English and Topic are linked to Year 3 skills. 
Maths- White Rose link is above for Lesson 3 today. As always watch the video and then answer the worksheets.
You have a Maths 2Do in Purple Mash.
English-There is a link above for today's work linked to Refugees-Refugee Activity Sheet. As you are all super kind, I'm sure you will be able to think of many things that would help and support a refugee if they arrived at our school. Think kindly. I think you will find the English to Syrian dictionary translator on the internet really interesting too.
Design Technology-Have a look at the Design Technology on BBC Bitesize Daily
Have a SUPER DAY Year 3. Keep dipping into what you can. I'm very proud of how hard you are working for me. Don't forget that if you are writing to try and write in neat, joined up writing. 
Keep Smiling-Mrs Mitchell
Wonderful Wednesday     17.6.20
Halfway through the week. Well done Year 3! Have a look at the pictures below to see some of what our Keyworkers have been  up to. It's Refugee Week so our English is linked into this, just like yesterday with our Stepping Stone Story. 
English- Have a look at the refugee powerpoint.  Can you make a fact file about "famous" refugees. Make sure that you give each refugee a title and you write in neatly, joined sentences. Don't just copy. Read the information and write it in your own words.
Maths-You know what to do with your maths as you are all experts by now. Watch the video and then move onto the worksheet. These sheets are a recap of work done previously so try to do as much as you can by yourself.
Science-It's all about muscles today. Have a look on purple Mash as I've set you a 2Do. Most of you are adding a LOT of detail on these 2Dos so thank you.
As always you can look on BBC Bitesize if you want some more work. 
https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zmyxxyc/year-3-and-p4-lessons  Today it is Maths-Fractions, English-Poetry and Science-The Digestive System and Teeth.
Have fun! Mrs Mitchell
Terrific Tuesday  16.6.20
HURRAY!!! Hello again Year 3. It's good to be back! If you have tried to contact me, I haven't been ignoring you...honest! I just haven't been able to get anything onto the Thingwall Primary School Website or my school emails. If this happens again then have a look at BBC Bitesize for Year 3 to keep your brains ticking over.
I hope you have all been safe and enjoying the thundery weather.  Today can you-
Maths- Week 8. Can you start at Lesson 1 as we missed yesterday. It's Ordering Fractions. As always, watch the Teaching Video first and then try the worksheets.
You don't need to print them out.
English-It's Refugee Week so to start today can you find this story called Stepping Stones by Margriet Ruurs. It's on Youtube so make sure you check with Mum or Dad first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI5TuJCOTV0&t=252s
Make sure you go back to the story to find the answers.
Here are some questions to write the answers down to
1. Describe what life was like before the family became refugees.
2. What started to happen when war started?
3. What sorts of things made the refugee family feel safe?
Our Keyworker children in school may be having a go at making their own people out of found materials like stones, sticks and leaves. Perhaps you could too?
This is a Bitesize Daily lesson that you might not have seen. It's all about BIOMES. See what you can learn today from the videos and text.
Have a terrific Tuesday and I'll HOPEFULLY be back tomorrow. Stay safe, keep washing your hands, get plenty of fresh air and KEEP SMILING!
Mrs Mitchell
Wonderful Wednesday     10.6.20
You've made it halfway through the week. Congratulations if you have been working hard. Today can you-
English- Can you do a few IDL pages to start today.
Back to the Stone Trolls today.  It's all about adjectives so try and be adventurous, perhaps use a thesaurus. Can you do Pages 10,11 and 12 for me today.
Maths- You know what to do with the maths. Watch the Teaching video first-Lesson 3 and then try the worksheets. 
History-I've set you a 2Do in Purple Mash all about Viking Longships. You will have some reading and note taking to do first to find out all about the longships. Then you will be able to do a detailed write up for me.
Remember you can always look at https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons 
if you want to do some more English, Maths and Topic.
I'll be back with you tomorrow. Stay safe, get lots of fresh air, be kind and KEEP SMILING!  Mrs Mitchell
Terrific Tuesday           9.6.20
I hope you can remember a little bit about bones from yesterday's Science. Do you know what the "proper" names are for the bones in your arm and leg? That could be something you find out today. Today can you-
English- Re-read the information on pages 3,4,5 and 6.The link is above like yesterday. Then can you complete pages 8 and 9 today. Remember that you can go back to the story at anytime for ideas to help you.
Maths-Everything that you need for today's Maths is above. We are on Lesson 2 today.Make sure that you watch and answer everything in the teaching video first before you move onto the worksheet.
Click on words and sentences to do with Animals, Colours and Numbers. Stay on Beginner. Repeat anything that you hear in French to practise your French accent. Oh la a!
Have a smashing day. Stay safe and KEEP SMILING. 
I'll write to you again tomorrow. Au revour!
There's always BBC Bitesize Daily if you want to do more Maths, English (Using a dictionary) and Geography (Biomes). https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zmyxxyc/year-3-and-p4-lessons
Marvellous Monday 8.6.20
Hello again wonderful Year 3 and welcome to a new week. I hope you had a fantastic weekend with your friends and family. I met up with a friend, who I haven't seen in a long time, for a lovely sunny and windy walk on Saturday which was really lovely. This week I will be giving you Maths, English and a Topic each day as usual. Please try to do as much as you can. Today can you-
English-This week it is The Stone Trolls. The link is above. You don't need to print out the link but you will need to write down your answers. There's some background information on Pages 3 and 4 and a story to read on Pages 5 and 6. Don't skim read these pages. Take your time to take in all the information and go back and re-read them to get any information. Can you complete What do the Words Mean? page today.
Maths- It's Week 7 so watch the video for Monday first and then answer the questions for today.
Science-In Purple Mash I have set a Science 2Do about the skeleton. PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION + BOOK FIRST AND MAKE NOTES BEFORE YOU DO THE PAGE.
Remember that if you want some more work to do you can always look on BBC Bitesize Daily for English, Maths and a Topic. Today it is Fractions, Commas and Romans.
Have a lovely Monday and I'll catch up with you tomorrow. 
Stay safe, get lots of fresh air, keep washing your hands and KEEP SMILING!
Mrs Mitchell
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 Fantastic Friday        5.6.20
Hurray...we've made it to Friday without getting eaten by a Nasty Troll!
I hope you enjoy your Friday's work-Amelia helped me plan it so you'll have to blame her!  Today can you-
English-In English you have two 2Dos in Purple Mash. One is a handwriting one so can you practice writing these words-because, favourite, improve, really, important and example.  Make sure you use the lines carefully.
Your second 2Do is a writing one. You need to open up My Simple Story write about something that is important to you or something you are looking forward to. Maybe use some of the writing ideas that you have had in your Troll work this week.
Maths-For Maths can you have a long go on TTRockstars today. See if you can get a lot faster at the times tables that you find harder,
Art- Check that it's ok with Mum and Dad to go onto this next website as it's on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkBODLrJkMw It's from the Arts for Kids Hub and it teaches you How to Draw a Troll. Rob is the Dad and he is teaching his son a step by step drawing. 
Have FABULOUS weekend with your family. I'll catch up with you again next week. Stay safe, get lots of fresh air and KEEP SMILING!
Mrs Mitchell
Tremendous Thursday  4.6.20
Hello Year 3 . I hope your gardens enjoyed the rain yesterday! It makes a change from all the lovely sun we have been having I suppose. Your Troll Music really cheered me up though. I really like that new Music App on Purple Mash.
Today can you-
English- Re-read The Truth about Trolls and have a look at Pages 13, 14 and 15 today.  Use all the ideas you have used this week to help you.
Maths- It's fractions of objects today. Watch and pause the Teaching Video first and then have a go at the worksheets. Make sure you are using the vocabulary numerator (the number on the top) and denominator (the number on the bottom)
Science-In Purple Mash I have set a 2Do about Food Groups for you to look at. Perhaps have a look at the food groups you are eating today too.
Enjoy your day. Stay safe, keep washing your hands, get some fresh air and keep smiling!  Mrs Mitchell
As usual you can visit BBC Bitesize for extra English, Maths and a topic.
Wonderful Wednesday    3.6.20
Half way through the week. You are doing fantastically well Year 3 and your family.  Keep working hard for me. Make sure that you are writing as neatly as you can with joined writing.
Today can you- 
English-Check back over The Truth about Trolls ( the link is above) and complete Pages 11 and 12 today. Use your imagination, write in full sentences and neatly. 
In Purple Mash you have a spelling 2Do.
Maths- You video and worksheet links are above. Today it is Fractions of Objects. Remember that you can use objects that you have at home to help you-lego, pasta, crayons etc
Music- In Purple Mash there is a new Music programme called Busy Beats. Can you create a piece of music that would make me think of a TROLL! Make sure you watch the video first to show you how to use the music programme first. 
As always there is BBC Bitesize to look at.
 https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zmyxxyc/year-3-and-p4-lessons/1 Today it is Maths-Fractions, English-Apostrophes and Science-Food Chains.
Have a good day. Stay safe and keep smiling. Mrs Mitchell
Terrific Tuesday    2.6.20
What an amazing start to June. You should be so proud of yourselves. A fantastic Year 3 Team Effort. Today can you-
English-Re-read The Truth About the Trolls. You'll find the link above again. Can you then complete Page 9 which reminds you about alliteration and writing a sentence with three ideas. Page 10 is all about adverbs and having a go at writing your own description about Troll Food.
Maths- Watch the Teaching Video first before trying the worksheets for today-Fractions on a numberline.
 Geography-We would have started our Geography topic based in India this term so can you open https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/z4fr87h and answer these questions...
What are India's bordering countries?
What's the name of the mountain range?
What are the names of the rivers in India?
Can you see any Seas or Oceans?
You can always look at Bitesize-English - Fronted Adverbials. Maths- Fractions on a numberline. Geography-Climate.
Keep smiling. Mrs Mitchell
Welcome to June 1.6.20
I hope you all had an amazing Half Term. The weather was so lovely that I'm sure you spent a lot of time out in the garden or out  in the fresh air. Today can you-
English-This week we will take all the text and work from the above link The Truth About Trolls. Please don't print out the worksheets as this will be a lot of ink. Instead write down your ideas from the worksheets into your diary or onto spare paper. The work will build up during this week so keep what you do each day. Today Read the story ideas on Pages 3, 4 and 5. Complete the What words mean sheet. Find the words again in the text to help you. Then complete Page 8 using commas to separate the adjectives to describe the Trolls.

Maths-Above is the Maths link for this week so each day you will need to open this link. Today it is tenths as decimals. 
The Wildlife trust-Today I'd like you to Design a Bird. There is a link above to help give you ideas.
 Have a super day. Stay safe, enjoy the fresh air, keep washing your hands and KEEP SMILING!
Mrs Mitchell
Welcome to July/August
Have fantastic birthdays!
July Birthdays-  Luca 2nd   Fred 8th   Shaunice  30th 
August Birthdays- Tyler 5th   Mia  10th   
The Summer Reading Challenge
Please join at home and add in all the amazing books that you have read.
Peripatetic Music Lessons from September 2020
Your family received an email on 30.6.20 letting them know about the instrumental lessons that are available for you from September. Hopefully you have responded to the email by now and  followed the instructions in the email and contacted Edsential   so that it gives them time to organise a Taster session if you required it and also to timetable the lessons for next term.
If you have been learning the recorder, guitar or are  in the School Band with Mrs Mitchell then this will continue with her as normal. 
Some more of what Year 3 have been up to in June