Home Learning January 2021

Please login to Google Classroom for daily home learning for year six.
Home learning tasks for the week beginning 05.01.21
See worksheets below and click on the lesson for the video.
There are also some maths games set on Purple Mash for you to complete.
Wednesday: Using bullet points
Go to the natural curriculum website here.
Work through the tabs at the bottom of the screen:
1. Learning Objective
2. The grammar bit
3. Whiteboard activities 
4. Writing ideas
Each tab will explain what you have to do. Follow the instructions and become experts in bullet points!
Thursday: Pandora
Watch this clip https://www.literacyshed.com/the-sci---fi-shed.html
Scroll down to the clip 'Pandora' 
As you watch the clip think about all of the words you could use to describe the atmosphere of the planet, for example toxic, uninhabitable.
Watch the clip again and write down as many facts as you can about the planet. 
Today you are going to write a descriptive paragraph about the planet Pandora. You must use both compound sentences and relative clauses in your paragraph and should include 6-8 interesting facts about the planet. 
Friday: Watch the clip of Pandora again. 
Today you will be focusing on describing the creatures on Pandora. 
When you have watched the clip, draw your own version of a creature that would live on Pandora and label it with descriptive words and phrases. Then use these descriptive words and phrases to write a descriptive paragraph about your animal. Remember to use compound sentences and relative clauses. 
World War 2. Click here.
Watch the video about how Britain prepared for War. Make notes as you watch. Pause the video if needed. 
Write a paragragh explaining the reasons why the war started. Questions to consider: Why were some German people unhappy in the years leading up to the War? Why did so many Germans support Adolf Hitler before the War? Why did Germany start invading countries? 
Watch the video several times to help with your ideas. 
Geography: The Awesome Alps. Click here and watch the video.
Read the information here. Create a fact sheet about the Alps using the information on the above web page and your own further research. Be sure to include the answers to these questions: 
1. How high are they? 
2. Which countries border the Alps?
3. What do we know about the highest Alpine mountain? 
4. What jobs do Alpine people have?
5. Which languages are spoken by Alpine people?
6. How were the Alps formed?
7. What is the climate like?
This term your topic in science will be Animals including Humans and this week you will be learning about the circulatory system. Go through the Powerpoint presentation below then login to Purple Mash and complete the 2Do set. Make sure you use the vocabulary tabs on the left hand side to help you. Use as many technical terms as you can.