Gisorora Primary School

Thingwall - Gisorora
Since 2018, Thingwall Primary School has been twinned with Gisorora Primary School in Uganda. We share letters as often as we can to find out about life in Uganda and have raised money to help build 3 water tanks for some of the students at the school.
Book Delivery (March 2020)
The remaining packages of books and letters arrived at Gisorora Primary School recently. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the school is closed to pupils like us to help stop the spread. This means the children won't get to see our gifts and letters yet but they will have a lovely surprise waiting for them when they return to school and hopefully will hear back from our penpals soon. Thank you again to all those who donated books or money to help make this possible and to Denis for delivering our parcels no matter what!
Special Delivery (February 2020)
Although it may not have been in time for Christmas, our books have arrived at our twin school! In total, we sent 8 parcels of books over to Gisorora Primary School along with our pack of letters. From the pictures I think it's fair to say the children (and staff) were delighted with their gifts! Thank you so much to all those who donated books or money to help cover the postage cost, we are so grateful that we can share our love of reading with children around the world. A special thanks to Dennis, our contact in Uganda, who safely delivered the parcels to Gisorora Primary, it can't have been an easy task with so many parcels! Thank you everyone!
Letters and Gifts (November 2019)
Towards the end of last year, year 1 collected some coloured pencils to send to our friends in Uganda as they wanted to share their love of colouring. Miss Marshall was able to send these, along with a few letters, to Gisoro Primary School through our wonderful link Denis and look what he sent back! Here are some photos of the school receiving the parcel and reading the letters. We're hoping to send some more letters and gifts in the next few weeks which should arrive in time for Christmas. If you would like to send a letter, please bring it into school by November 18th so we can get it in the post in time.
Certificates (20/9/19)
We welcomed Ms Bolton to school to present our certificates for the water tanks we funded through our school charity events last year. It was great to see how something so small can help other families in a big way. Thank you to all who got involved in events last year and we hope to continue to raise money for charities both locally and globally throughout the year.
Water Tanks
As part of our School Twinning Project, we have been raising money throughout the year to build rain water harvesting tanks for some of the pupils' families through DRIP Uganda. This means that the families are able to cultivate crops and vegetables all year round so that they have enough food to eat and possibly some extra to sell. As well as the tanks, families are given two tree saplings to help with conservation efforts and training on the best cultivation methods and how to make the most of their new water tank.
On the most recent trip to Uganda, some of the tanks we helped to pay for have been built and we have received some fantastic photos showing the building process and some of the families who received them! Thank you to everyone who has taken part in school events which have helped to raise money for this project and for your continued support in the events to come!
Penpal letters
Every child has written a penpal letter to our new friends in Uganda. The letters are on their way and hopefully we'll be receiving some pictures of the children and their letters soon. Eventually we will be getting letters sent back to us all the way from Uganda and we can learn more about what life is like over 6000 miles away!
Pedal Powered Cinema
Mrs Bolton visited school to talk about GAFI and DRIP Uganda, the charities we will be supporting throughout the twinning process. She explained how Ugandan schools are very different compared to Thingwall and how our schools can work together. She even brought the Pedal Powered Cinema for us to see how children in Uganda are able to learn about the conservation work that GAFI does. Mr Betridge took on the challenge of pedalling and we were able to see how it creates electricity to watch a film thanks to his hard work. Thank you for coming Mrs Bolton!