Year 3

Hello Year 3.
It's really great to meet you!
Both myself (Mrs Mitchell) and Mrs Smith have been overwhelmed by the fantastic return to school that you have made. We are both soooooooooo proud of you and your families for the amazing way that you have all settled in, been kind to each other and just got on. You are super WONDERFUL!
THE     PROmISE      16.10.20
Have you ever had to make and keep a promise? The girl in our film premiere today kept a promise that would change the lives of many. It brightened up their lives with the colour of NATURE just by planting acorns. She passed on her promise to someone she knew would have a change of heart too. We made clay hearts, which is where a promise would be kept. We put a cross (which can also be the number 10 in Roman numerals) to mark the place. 
World Mental Health Day 9.10.20
There is NOTHING better in the world than having a BIG laugh with your friends. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Gigglegigglegiggle, Chucklechucklechuckle!
Rock Detectives 6.10.20
Hmmmm...are these rocks Igneous, Sedimentary or Metamorphic?
Year 3 have become rock detectives to look for clues! 
September 28th-Playtime
A chilly but happy playtime today. Lots of giggles, fresh air, chasing and smiles. The football match was a 3-3 draw so everyone was even happier!
September 2020-A HAPPY working Year 3 class!
What more could a teacher ask for?
September 2020-Fantastic Mr Fox book focus
Fun with inverted commas! Making them come alive!
"Yippee!"shouted Mrs Mitchell with a smile.
Our Class Rules
Be Ready
Be Respectful
Be Safe
Think of ways that you can show that you are OVER and ABOVE.
Behaviour. Kindness. Work. Friendships. Organisation. Independence. Resilience. Responsibility
Equality and Diversity     15.10.20
Ask Year 3 all about the amazing musician STEVIE WONDER. He is truly wonderful and inspirational. We listened to Sir Duke, For Once in my Life, Isn't She Lovely, Superstition, Signed Sealed Delivered and two songs from SING the movie-Faith and Don't you Worry Bout a Thing. We learned about him being born in 1950 in America, being blind from birth and being signed to Motown from the age of only 11!
Learning how to breathe like a hibernating BEAR! October 7th
Did you know that when a bear is hibernating it only takes a breath every 45 seconds?
We are trying to slow our breathing down for the times when we are feeling excited, worried, angry or upset. Take a long breath in for 3 seconds and breathe out slowly for 3 seconds. Try this for ten times until you feel calmer and happier.
Autumn Music Time! 30.9.20
We have been thinking about Autumn and have made word rhythms which we can play using body percussion and untuned percussion instruments. We could keep playing our own rhythm whilst others played different rhythms at the same time!
September 2020-
Here is one of our first Return to School Books that we have been talking about.
Only One You by Linda Kranz. 
Here are some ideas-
Slow down and notice details around you.
Anything is possible-all you have to do is try!
Be colourful-Laugh out loud!
A smile warms the heart.
Enjoy Every Day
Think positive thoughts.
Understand that everyone you meet is just trying to fit in too. Help them feel at ease. 
Take care of yourself
Thingwall Primary Book Club-September-October 4th
Our school Book Club is up and running. For every £1 you spend, school will receive 20p in book rewards to buy new books for school. There are LOADS of discounted books to buy. Follow this link and have a good browse. You've got until October 4th.
Books will be delivered to school AFTER this date. Copy this address and put it in your search.
September All about SEDIMENTARY rock!
In Science we have begun to think about rock. We have been looking at how sedimentary rock is formed and that fossils are only found in sedimentary rock  How AMAZING is that? Our class geologist, has brought in three ammonites for us to look at and hold. Thank you.