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Year 5 Spring

Welcome to Year 5
Teachers: Miss Arden (Tuesday-Friday), Mrs Mitchell (Monday)
Teaching Assistant: Mr Rees
Student teacher: Mr Scurr
PE days: Tuesday and Wednesday
Homework will be set on Fridays and is due in on the following Thursday.
Science- Forces
In science, we have been learning about forces. We have investigated friction on different surfaces and haw levers and pulleys work. We made catapults to explore how forces can be magnified. 
Norman Castles
As part of our history work learning about the Norman Conquest, we made models of Norman Castles combining design and technology and historical enquiry skills. 
Gymnastic balances
In gymnastics, we have been exploring balances. 
Burwardsley residential
Year 5 went on their overnight residential to Burwardsley. The children had a great time exploring the very muddy grounds, learning about life in the stone, bronze and iron ages, exploring the iron age roundhouse, making clay pots, being archaeologists and using their excellent map skills orienteering around the grounds. A very busy couple of days!!