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Year 5 Autumn

Welcome to Year 5
Welvome to our class page. Here we will share some of the exciting learning that we are doing. Check in each week to see what we've been up to.
Teachers: Miss Arden (Tuesday-Friday), Mrs Mitchell (Monday)
Teaching Assistants: Mr Rees, Ms Skodra
PE days: Tuesday and Thursday
Homework will be set on Fridays and is due in on the following Thursday.
We have been using concrete resources in maths to help us to solve place value problems.
We investigated the phases of the moon using torches and ping pong balls! 
Beetles Danceathon!
Year 5 and 6 rocked dancing to tunes by the Beatles.
Continuing with our journey into space, Year 5 had an opportunity to investigate our nearest star, the sun.  They learned how to safely observe the sun by projecting its image onto paper through a telescope.  The children then made scientific observations by drawing sunspots and recording the precise date and time so that future comparisons could be made.  We learned about the importance of safety and how we should never stare at the sun or use binoculars or telescopes for direct solar observation during daytime!