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Y3 SUMMER 2022

Welcome Back to the Sunny Summer Term!
Having a Fun and Informative Day Out at Ness Gardens  9.6.22
Plants and Pollinators
We had a great day out today at Ness Gardens. Okay, it did rain a little bit and we did get wet a little bit but we saw lots and lots of different types of plants and lots and lots of minibeasts like woodlice, slugs, centipedes, worms, moths, beetles and different types of bees-even solitary bees who live alone under the ground! We were followed around by a very friendly robin. Saw a heron, ducks, a frog, mouse, and golden koi. We were introduced to a carnivorous plant who lured flies into their watery flowers. Learned about the size of tongues on bees! And just generally had a GREAT and SMILEY time.
(A BIG thank you to all the adults who helped today and to Rose Froud who was the insect and plant expert at Ness Gardens)
Tai Chi Time! May 2022
We learned different movements and poses to support us to be calm, energised and focused.
Facts, Thoughts and Observations about the French artist Henri Matisse recorded in our Sketchbooks  May 2022
Guitars  28.4.22
Some of us had our first guitar lesson today. We learned the chords of C and G. Mrs Mitchell said we were wonderful!
Wildflower Area Begun April 25th
It's our first day back after the Easter Break and we have planted Agrimony, Primrose, Soapwort, Nettle-Bell flower, Betony, Lady's Smock, Devil's Bit Scabious, Hairy St John's Wort, Red Campion and Wild Strawberry into the shaded area of the Willow Way outside our classroom. We are looking at how they grow and taking extra to protect them. We can't wait to see what happens!
VIKING DAY! July 2022
The Vikings used to meet here, in Thingwall. They would discuss the laws, meet up with other Vikings and have a celebration. We have links with Tynwald in the Isle of Man by writing to our penpals there. (They have 5th July off each year to celebrate their Tynwald Parliament). We have charged across the playground, gathered together in the Sun Shelter, become archaeologists and studied Viking artefacts, created Viking names for ourselves, written using the futhark(alphabet for Vikings) and just generally become VIKINGS FOR A DAY!
Platinum Jubilee Day 26.5.22
Here are some pictures of a fantastic day. Making Jubilee biscuits as part of our DT project. Picnic lunch-in the hall as it was wet outside! Ice cream-Yummy! Wearing crowns and having happy smiles!
We've Made it into The School Band! May 2022
Our Year 3 recorders had their first play with the School Band this morning in Choral Assembly. They were a bit nervous but played BRILLIANTLY!
Meet Our Class Animal! May 2022
Meet ASTRID! Year 3 have given her a Viking name which means loved and beautiful...because she is! She has settled herself in our Viking display to begin with but this week she became more adventurous and joined us for PE! See if you can spot her in each photograph!