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Y3 SPRING 2022

Our completed Frames and Pictures from our Design and Technology project 1.4.22
WOW! How great are our finished frames and pictures? Super designing, sawing, glueing, joining, drawing, and evaluating from Year 3. Our families are sure to love them!
Isle of Man Penpal Links
All year we have been enjoying writing and receiving letters from Arbory Primary School in the Isle of Man. We have a display in the classroom showing photographs of our penpals and Isle of Man flags and interesting places to visit.
Happy Mother's Day 27.3.22
Year 3 hope that you enjoy your Mother's Day cards as much as we loved making them. We are going to try REALLY hard to make Sunday extra special for you. xxxxxxxxxxxx
25 Years of World Book Day  3.3.22
Today we helped to celebrated 25 years of World Book Day by dressing up, discussing, sharing and drawing our favourite books, authors, characters and illustrators!
We performed The Dragon Who Ate Our School by Nick Toczek too!
The dragon who ate, the dragon who ate, the dragon who ate our school!
Happy Half Term everybody. Have fun and stay safe!
Class Assembly...Part 2! February
Because a few of our class were away for the class assembly last week Year 3 decided to perform their play again so they could feel what it was like to have an audience to cheer them on!
February 2022
Bobby Singh visited us and told us all about the Sikh religion.
A Date for your Diary...
Our class assembly is on Thursday 10th February at 9.15am. (All welcome following the safety guidelines.) Can your child wear a black top (t.shirt/jumper/shirt) and black trousers/leggings and can these play clothes be brought to school in a named plastic bag by Monday 7th February. Thank you.
What's in the Bag?  February 
In Science we have been thinking about light. We know that darkness is the absence of light. Mrs Mitchell set up 8 feely bags and we had to work out what was inside BUT we didn't have any light to help us...only touch! Some objects we guessed really easily but other objects were difficult to guess.
Our Identity Pictures  January 2022
(We used the painting-All That I Am by the Singh Twins to help us)
Year 3 are all unique. We have lots of differences which we have put into our pictures. However, when we all come together we make a brilliant class.
HAPPY 2022!
Welcome back everybody. It's been great hearing all about what you got up to in the Christmas Holiday. We've got lots of exciting things to do and learn about in the Spring Term.
A FABULOUS morning at St Michael's and All Angels Church in Pensby 31.3.22
This morning we got dropped off at the church and met up with Year 3 there instead of our classroom. We moved to three groups led by John, Richard and Kate. We looked around the church, took time to think about important issues and also time to discuss how important we all are and how we are unique. We decided that we need to be a bit kinder to ourselves sometimes! We had a lovely sunny walk back to school too...just in time for lunch!
Staying fit and Healthy and Having Fun with Freddy Fit
March 29th 2022
Sutton Hoo Ship Burial  15.3.22
Today we learned about the Anglo-Saxon ship burial in Sutton Hoo. We found out that the ship and it's treasures were probably buried around the year 600. We focused in on the mysterious helmet which might possibly have belonged to King Redwald! Can you research and find out what other treasures there were? Can you remember how long the boat was in metres?
February 2022
After reading The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine in English we have then designed and built our very own Tuffy the Cat house and garden. We used the text to help us with the detail and also our imagination to think about what Tuffy could possibly get up to next! Working in a team made us listen and communicate clearly with our team mates. Fantastic work Y3!
February 2022
Every Child a Song Class Assembly. Simply wonderful! Super, proud teacher!
Fabulous Pen and Watercolour pictures-February 2022
Aren't our Grendel's FANTASTIC?
Pen work to show line and crosshatching and watercolour merging to show the depth of colour!
Studying Body Proportion in Art-January 2022
We have been practising drawing bodies showing the correct proportion. One head=Three heads for a torso=Four heads for the legs. We then fleshed out the stickmen making sure to show the knee and elbow joints.
Beowulf's Boasts!  January 2022
What a hero Beowulf was to the Anglo Saxons. He would make a speech before going into battle boasting about what he could do. This gave him the confidence to beat monsters like Grendel! We have had a go at writing our own boasts and acted them out too!